Good2Go Carry-Out Program

Request. Return. Repeat.

Don't have time to eat in the dining hall? Grab a Good2Go box instead of dining in.

Developed in response to student requests for “food on the go” to help with their busy schedules, the Good2Go Carry-Out program provides a sustainable solution to fit that need. 

How does the program work?

It’s pretty simple, just follow the five steps below, or check out our "How it works" video

1. Request the to-go container at the checker stand at any of the five dining halls, pay the one-time $5 fee and swipe for a meal. If you don’t plan to eat, take the token with you to use another time. 

2. After the checker hands you a token, and you’ve paid for your meal, look for signage within the dining hall for where to deposit the token and grab your Good2Go carry-out container. 

3. Fill up your container with whatever delicious items you’d like, grab a drink using your water bottle and then choose portable items, such as a dessert and a piece of fruit to also carry out. 

4. Return your dirty container on your next trip to a dining hall, deposit it in the bins with Good2Go signage and receive another token to get a clean container to use for your next to-go meal. It’s important to return your containers so the program can continue!

5. Repeat the process. 

Questions regarding this process?

Can I eat the food from my to-go container inside the dining hall?

No, you are expected to exit the dining hall to eat your food after you have filled your container. 

Why do we return the containers dirty?

Along with the container being reusable, reducing food waste is another part of Dining Services sustainability efforts. Any food left inside is recycled and used to create sustainable energy. 

Learn more about Dining’s sustainability efforts.

What if there’s not enough room in the container?

There’s quite a bit of room in a container, but in case you’re not getting your fill, you may purchase another container for $5.

Do I have to use my token in the same dining hall where I purchased it from?

Nope! All of the dining halls have this program, so you can return your container and use your token at any of the dining halls.