Get Help

You can submit a help request online or give us a call at 217-244-1111. Help requests are checked
throughout all breaks and sessions. Our phone lines are open Sunday - Thursday, 7 - 10 p.m. The phone
line is not serviced during breaks and summer sessions. Our student Network Technicians (NetTechs) are available to meet with residents in room or by appointment to assist with
technology needs.

Connect a Device

Usage of campus networks is subject to campus information technology policies.

Connecting to Wireless

Technology Services at Illinois provides Internet connections for various purposes, each of which
requires specific security protocols and configuration settings for an optimal experience. University
Housing recommends the use of campus wireless networks for your internet needs.

Home wireless router or hotspot devices are not allowed in the residence halls.

Wired Connections

Wired ethernet connections are also available in most residence hall rooms. If a wired connection is
required, please contact us by submitting a help request.

Technology FAQ

Can I bring my own router or hotspot device?

In order to ensure that the campus wireless network, IllinoisNet, has strong coverage throughout
the halls for you and your community, we do not allow devices that will interfere with the network

Wireless routers are not allowed in the residence halls or Goodwin-Green apartments, even if
the SSID is hidden. Rooms with wireless routers will have their connection disabled until the wireless router is removed. Ethernet switches that do not broadcast a wireless signal are

Wireless hotspots (including tethering / Internet sharing), are not allowed in the residence halls
or Goodwin-Green apartments. Hotspots or tethering devices that operate via wire are allowed
as long as they do not broadcast a wireless signal.

An exception to this policy is Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods apartments that utilize Comcast broadband Internet and not the campus IllinoisNet wireless network. If you are experiencing issues with your cable or internet service, please submit a request to Comcast.

Apartment Residents


Why is my connection slow or disabled?

Slow Connections

University Housing, in partnership with Technology Services at Illinois, provides wireless Internet connections sufficient for work and play throughout the residence halls. Though network speeds will vary based on usage volume and signal strength (for wireless connections), your connection will generally be fast enough to use the Internet in multiple ways simultaneously.

Some wired connections in University Housing residence hall rooms use older technology that is much slower than wireless at around 5-7mbps on average.

If you experience persistent slow connection speeds, please submit a help request and we can work with you to determine the cause. Comcast customers in apartments can submit a help request here.

Disabled Connections

A connection is usually disabled due to violations of campus policies or other regulations (e.g. legal code). The most common reasons for a disabled connection are copyright infringement and connecting a wireless router. Other less common cases are malware and network abuse.

In most cases, when a room connection is disabled, an explanatory email is sent to the student email account of each student living in the room. This email includes more information on how to proceed with your situation. If you believe that your room connection is disabled, and have not received an email, please submit a help request with details about when your connection stopped working, and if it applies to all computers that attempt to connect or just some computers.

How do I stay safe online?

Staying safe on the internet is very important for our residents. We encourage your device meets certain requirements. We also recommend that all residents take an opportunity to review ways to protect their personal data.

Where can I print and how much does it cost?

Each computer lab is equipped with color laser printers available to our residents.
University Housing residents print using the campus PaperCut web application, which requires Illini Cash for payment. Residents may print from lab computers or their own personal devices.

University Affilitation  Grayscale Price Color Price
University Housing Residents $.07 $.30
Other Campus Users $.10 $.40

Where are computer labs and what equipment do they have?

University Housing provides a computer lab in each residence hall complex. The labs are open
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Labs may be used by residents and their escorted guests, as
well as University Housing staff.  

All Locations have Windows PCs and most have iMacs, scanners, and EWS machines. Our fast computers, software library, and high-resolution color laser printers can be important resources for our residents.

Student staff are available to help during lab hours 7pm-11pm Sunday–Thursday. Lab availability and staffing is limited during summer sessions, breaks, and holidays.

Allen Hall
Allen 52
Allen Corridor 144
Allen 152 Mac Lab

Evans 10
Evans Lobby 101

Daniels Hall
Daniels 322

Florida Avenue Residence Halls (FAR)
Florida Avenue 9
Florida Avenue Corridor 102
WIMSE - Trelease 231

Goodwin-Green Apartments
Goodwin Lobby 116

Ikenberry Commons
Bousfield 1029
Clark 100
Hopkins 116
Nugent 1136
Scott 116
SDRP 1010
SDRP 2010
Snyder 116
Taft-Van Doren 1
Wassaja 1101
Weston 166

Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR)
ISR Wardall Lobby

Lincoln Avenue (LAR)
LAR 144

Orchard Downs Apartments
Orchard Downs 2030-A, Orchard Street

Pennsylvania Avenue (PAR)
PAR 104A

Sherman 40