Fall 2023 Early Arrival


Welcome to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Can’t wait to move in? 

You're in luck! We have options for residents who would like to arrive early to campus.

🚨 Visit this page often. The information below is subject to change.
🟠 Arrival Before July 30: Students must apply for Summer Housing
🔵 Arrival Between July 30 – August 12: Interim Housing
  • Students must apply online for Interim Housing at the Illinois Street Residence Halls. You will be notified by email of your approved Interim Housing reservation.
  • Cost: $40 per night. Meals are not included. Fees will be charged to your student account.
  • Check - In: Begins on July 30 at 9 a.m. at the Illinois Street Residence Hall front desk.
  • Check - Out: Before 8 a.m. on Sunday, August 13.
  • Students who stay in Interim Housing and then transfer to their permanent room on August 13 will also pay the nightly rates for those dates (see chart below).


  • Students can move into their University Housing fall room assignment starting August 13 at noon. With this option, residents will be required to sign up for a Move-In date and time.
🟠 Dates: August 13 – 15 
  • Cost: The rates for Early Arrival Housing in the undergraduate halls are shown below. Fees will be charged to your student account and will be reflected in the October bill.


Move-In Date

Cost Per Night


Sunday, August 13


No meals on Sunday

Monday, August 14


Includes 3 meals

Tuesday, August 15

$60 **

Includes 3 meals

All Days (August 13 – 15)


Includes 6 meals

Please note that you will be billed for early arrival as soon as you receive your keys, regardless of whether or not you stay in your room during the early arrival period.

** If you are assigned to a Living-Learning Community (LLC) and move in August 15, you will not be charged an Early Arrival Fee. The LLC Orientation Fee includes room and board for the night of August 15. If you choose to move in before August 15, you will be charged the nightly fee. Please note that there is a separate $30 LLC Orientation Fee that will be billed to your student account if you participate in the LLC Orientation.


🟠 Arrival: Between August 13 - 15.

  • Students can move into their fall Daniels or Sherman room starting August 13 at noon. With this option, residents will be required to sign up for a Move-In date and time. To make arrangements for early arrival at Daniels or Sherman, please complete an Early Arrival Request form.

  • Cost: On August 13, there are no meals available, and the rate is $40 per night. From August 14 – 15, meals are offered in the dining halls. The rate is $60 per night for residents with meal plans and $40 per night for residents without meal plans (see rate and meal information in chart above).

Have questions about Daniels and Sherman? Email gud-rd@housing.illinois.edu


  • Dining units will open during early arrival beginning with breakfast on Monday, August 14 through dinner on Tuesday, August 15. Refer to the Illinois App for hours of operation prior to meal plans beginning. Fall 2023 meal plans begin with breakfast on Wednesday, August 16.
  • The Early Arrival meal balance will not show up in the MyHousing system as a meal plan balance normally would. Once you move in, the meals are available on your i-card. If you need to check your Early Arrival meal balance on your i-card, ask the cashier in the dining facility.
  • Early Arrival meal credits may only be used once per meal period (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with three available meals each day. Unused meal credits from Early Arrival are not rolled over to the academic year.
  • If you are part of an approved Early Arrival group and you eat more than your group’s predetermined meals, your student account will be billed for the extra meals. You are welcome to use Illini Cash or a credit/debit card to pay for meals outside of your group’s plan.


  • Units who wish for their group to move in early will be permitted to move in earlier than August 16. There are Early Arrival fees that can be charged to a campus unit FOAPAL and/or to an individual student account. To arrange for your campus group to move in early, contact the Housing Information Office for information on how to gain pre-approval for your group. 

Hall Move-In Resources

Apartment Move-In Resources