Eusa Nia: A Get Out Social

Date:Tuesday - October 31, 2017

Time:6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Location:Allen Hall Main Lounge 155

Details: The movie "Get Out" provides a narrative of coded racism in the modern day. The protagonist faces a series of micro aggressions as he navigated his partner's family's social dynamics. The movie also demonstrates the dehumanization of a Black experience, while commodifying the black body, as we see in rich white people buy new bodies to live in. A very large component of this movie is the white characters denial of their perpetuation of white supremacy, rounding out the intent vs impact debate. This movie can provide an excellent starting point to examine the evolution of racism, and how it currently functions in the modern day. Through critical dialogue and analysis, Eusa Nia members can use the theatric representation of real world systems to better understand the experience of people of color in modern day America.