Multicultural Advocates

One of the best parts of the college experience is meeting people from backgrounds and cultures different from your own. In University Housing, our Multicultural Advocates (MAs) are talented student staff who focus on helping you navigate that experience. They plan programs and act as a resource to make our residence halls safe, welcoming, and celebrative environments for all students.

Multicultural Advocates are supervised by the Social Justice and Leadership Education team.

Every hall has an MA. Find yours and read the bios below! Contact us at with questions or for more information. 

Meet the MAs

Viru | Blaisdell-Saunders

Hi everyone, I’m Viru and am eager to be serving as your MA this year! I am a Sophomore in Industrial Engineering and am passionate about Cars, Music, DIY projects and Tennis. Feel free to drop by my room, chat with me around campus or join me for a match on the courts! Blaisdell-Saunders is a vibrant community where a new friend is always within reach and I would heavily encourage you to meet diverse peers and share stories!


Jacob | Nugent Hall

I'm very excited to be your Multicutural Advocate in Nugent Hall! College is a place where we live and grow both inside and outside of classrooms. As an MA, I am here to facilitate Social Justice discussions and learn with you! I'm a sophomore majoring in Actuarial Science who wishes to enact positive change in Nugent Hall and beyond. If you have any questions and/or comments, message me on Facebook, email me, or stop by my room!


Derek | Wardall

Hello, I am looking forward to meeting you and serving as your Multicultural Advocate this year! I am a senior studying Art Education and Graphic Design with a minor in Spanish. My hope is that together we can build spaces where we feel welcome and safe to be ourselves and share our stories. I believe an inclusive community is one that celebrates differences and values all individuals.


Teddy | Townsend Hall

I believe that social justice, a happy community equality, all the values that we render ‘good’ stems from three basic things: one, acknowledging who I am, two, knowing that everybody is unique in their own way, and three respecting others as much as yourself. Rather than pretending that we are all the same, acknowledging the differences we have and respecting those differences. This campus is a place of learning. Other than your courses, I know that learning about others and how to communicate with people different from all your own identity will be an excellent asset for you all throughout your lives no matter where you go in life.


Kate | Snyder Hall

Welcome to Snyder Hall! As your Multicultural Advocate, I will be working with your RAs to hold programs that will contribute to a fruitful and exciting year at UIUC. Whether you’re joining us for the first time, or returning to Snyder, know that you’re now connected to a supportive staff of passionate individuals, dedicated to making your experience here safe, comfortable, and inclusive. Catch me in the resource room (108) or in my room!


Alexis | Babcock-Carr

Welcome to Babcock-Carr! I love talking about current issues and engaging in conversations about social justice. I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity and space to voice their opinions and create change. Stop by and say hello when you get a chance, my door is always open!


Caroline | Allen Hall

Hello! My name is Caroline and I am thrilled to be the Multicultural Advocate for Allen Hall! I am currently a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and enjoy drawing, watching international films, and actively working to foster a socially just community. By providing programs and events for Allen Hall, I hope to create an inclusive community in which all individuals can comfortably voice their concerns, take pride in their identities, and learn about themselves and one another.


Taylor | Trelease Hall

My goal as your MA is to build an inclusive community in the halls by being a resource and equipping you with information and campus resources you need to interact within the university’s diverse environment. I’m a communications major and have a passion for writing, activism on campus and Maya Angelou quotes. When I’m not in my room you can find me at the Daily ILLLNI or in line anywhere that sells chai lattes.


Michelle | Busey-Evans

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m excited to be your MA. I’m a junior in Social Work, who’s also pre-med. I hope to be able to provide Busey-Evans with an atmosphere to talk about social justice. I look forward to being able to learn with you all, and spend this year building and inclusive community. Feel free to come by my room if you ever need to talk.


Becky | Hopkins Hall

Welcome to Hopkins! I believe that college presents an amazing opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and learn about others while maybe learning more about ourselves. My goal as your MA is to help make Hopkins a second home for us all, and I hope we can work together to create a community where everyone feels welcome and empowered to share their stories. Feel free to stop by my room of you need help, have any questions, or just want to talk!


Ana | Barton-Lundgren

Hello! I am excited to have the opportunity to meet everyone and work with our community toward becoming more conscious and inclusive. My passion for social justice is fueled by the idea that the negativity that stems from judging others out of fear or miseducation can become innovation and harmony. This year we will have a great deal of opportunities to express ourselves, listen, and work towards a more inclusive society. Please feel free to stop by my room anytime!


Renee | Sherman-Daniels Halls

By connecting with the awesome residents of Sherman and Daniels, I want to discover our collective skills and passions that go beyond our personal benefit and make us better as a community. If you have questions about social justice issues, I’m here to discuss solutions. Let’s unmask injustice, combat hate, and rise together. I believe we can change the world, starting here on our campus. Alone it may be daunting, but if we act together we can do anything!


Twinkle | Taft-Van Doren

Hello TVD Residents! I'm Twinkle, your Multicultural Advocate. I'm really excited to meet all of you and sincerely hope that I can provide to you what you need to feel at home at TVD. I’m a senior in MCB (pre-med) and hope to pursue a career as a physician assistant one day. I wanted to be an MA because I wanted to explore the diversity on our campus and help others explore diversity and social justice as well!


Matt | Oglesby Hall

Hi! My name is Matt and I’m your Multicultural Advocate (MA) here in Weston! Throughout this year, I hope to engage you all in exploring the idea of social justice and how practicing it can help you become a more wholesome and inclusive individual. Together, we’ll explore concepts like racial, economic, and gender negativities as well as others such as power, privilege, and oppression. By creating spaces where residents can learn from each other’s diverse opinions, we will foster the skills necessary for civil and inclusive dialogues.


Jacob | Bousfield

Jacob Reed is your MA at Bousfield Hall! He is double majoring in African American Studies and Sociology. Jacob aspires to pursue academia and research as a university professor. Outside of academics you can find him at the ARC or fixing smartphones. He is passionate for gender, class, and racial equity. His plan is to create a safe space for residents to address social justice related concerns in an inclusive and educational environment. 


Katy| Scott

As a Multicultural Advocate, I strive to be an ally, advocate and educator to all members of this community. I want to continue to learn about social justice and identity alongside all of you throughout this year as we strive to create an equitable society. Scott Hall is a home to me and I want each and every one of you to feel comfortable and safe in this home as well. Here’s to a wonderful school year!


Gargi | Weston

Welcome! I’m Gargi, a sophomore in Integrative Biology Honors, and I’m very excited to be serving as your Multicultural Advocate. I’m passionate about learning and people, and the diverse community we live in provides a unique opportunity to learn about different opinions and identities. Together, I hope we can create a safe space where everyone is free to express their opinions and be themselves. Feel free to drop by and say hello!


Social Justice and Leadership Education Team (SJLE)

Jacob Frankovich
Program Director — Supervision of Urbana Multicultural Advocates
(217) 300-4000


Kimberly Hodges
Program Director — Supervision of Champaign Multicultural Advocates
(217) 244-3030


Herb Jones
Assistant Director of Residential Life — Social Justice and Leadership Education
(217) 333-0770


The SJLE office is located at:

Leader Suite, 2081 Student Dining and Residential Programs Building (SDRP)
301 E. Gregory Drive
Champaign IL 61820