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Intersections: A living-learning community of diversity, dialogue, and democracy.

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About Intersections

What will I get out of living in Intersections?

Whether your major is business, biology, sociology, or architecture, Intersections provides you with the opportunity to learn how to live and work with others of diverse backgrounds—an asset that doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. You will find deeper ways to talk about race and culture, more fully understand different life experiences and points of view, and learn to live in a diverse community.

What’s unique about Intersections?

  • A small community to ease the transition to  a large university
  • Special courses offered through Intersections
  • Interaction with faculty and guest presenters
  • Paid research program in which you can be  matched with a faculty member in the areas of diversity and social justice
  • Availability of multicultural publications in the PAR library
  • Trips to places like the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati; the Lincoln Museum in Springfield; NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis; and Elteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis.

 What Is “CODE?”

“CODE” is a forum for Intersections residents to converse about current issues and visit different cultural or social venues on or off campus. It’s coordinated by your OMI's (Outstanding Mentors of Intersections), but provides a great opportunity for any resident to take the lead on a program.

What is the  Researchers Initiative (RI)?

Each spring some Intersections residents are matched with faculty members based on similar interests in diversity and social justice.  They work 5-7 hours a week, attend regular meetings, and present their work at PAR at the end of the semester. Applications will be available in the fall for research in the spring.

What is the Guest in Residence (GIR) program?

The GIR program invites guests whose work and life paths provide a window into diversity and social justice as they are lived. Guests live in the residence halls for several days, conduct interactive programs, host discussions, join us for meals, and more.

What do people in Intersections think about it?

“I have learned SO much simply from living in a diverse environment, about people, cultural similarities and differences, and friendship.”

“I loved the field trips, like the one to Indianapolis. That’s where I really got to interact with the people and learn a lot at the same time. 

“[The best thing about the Researchers Initiative] was connecting with a professor as a freshman. And, it expanded my horizons beyond the campus.”

About Intersections Orientation

What is Intersections Orientation? 

Intersections Orientation is a time for you to learn more about what Intersections can do for you and how you want to get involved. You will move in two days before everyone else. That gives you a head start on knowing the campus and PAR, and planning for the week of classes ahead.

Do I have to sign up to participate in  Intersections Orientation? Is there a cost?

Yes. The sign up form will be made available in spring 2014. There is no additional cost to participate in Intersections Orientation.

When is Intersections Orientation?

Move-in Day is Tuesday, August 20, with our Welcome Event scheduled for 4:00 P.M. Intersections Orientation goes through Thursday, August 22.

About Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls

Do I have to live in PAR to be in Intersections?

Yes, Intersections is a residential program. All members of Intersections live on the first and fourth floors of Saunders Hall in the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls located in the Urbana South Neighborhood.

Isn’t PAR too far from my classes?

PAR is an 8-block walk, about .7 miles, from the Quad and there are many classes offered in PAR!.  All campus buildings are easily accessible from PAR via the campus bus system.  Please look for schedule information for buses like the 12 Teal, 8 Bronze, 13 Silver, and 22 Illini to get you around campus and anywhere you need to go in Champaign-Urbana at

Is PAR air-conditioned?

PAR is not air-conditioned, so make sure that you bring a fan.

Whom can I seek for help and support on my floor/PAR?

The Resident Advisor (RA) and Multicultural Advocate (MA) will be great resources throughout the year.  RAs are trained to deal with a multitude of situations from homesickness to more serious situations. MAs provide diversity programs and deal with conflicts around diversity issues. OMIs will answer many questions regarding classes, living in PAR, and what to do around Urbana-Champaign. OMIs (Outstanding Mentors for Intersections) are also a great resource.

What about my computer?

PAR offers residents a computer site to which you will have access 24 hours a day.  If you bring your own computer, you can plug into the campus network via ResNet or access the net via the free wireless network.   Please consult the New Student ResNet Guide pages at for more information.  

What are the rooms like?

Most Intersections rooms are doubles measuring approximately 12 feet by 11 feet, 4 inches. Each student has a locking closet that measures approximately 2 feet, 7 inches by 2 feet, 10 inches and include a hanger bar, coat hooks, and two shelves.

How are the rooms furnished?

Each person has a bed, a three shelf bookcase, a three drawer dresser, a rolling chair, a desk, a pedestal cabinet, and a hanging bed shelf.  The mattresses require the extra-long twin fitted sheet.   Please see the Housing website for more information about furniture and room dimensions. 

What if I have a problem with registration or a question about something?

Contact us. We can usually help! You can even call us if you have a question while you are in the process of registering. The number is (217) 265-0534, and the e-mail address is

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