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Intersections: A living-learning community of diversity, dialogue, and democracy.

Intersections focuses on diversity in the United States, and by diversity, we mean all aspects of difference whether we're talking about race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, you name it. We don't just focus on these things in an abstract way but on what's happening today—on campus and across the nation and on the "intersections" of our experiences. It provides a great opportunity to live with and learn from people whose ideas and experiences may be radically different from yours or surprisingly similar to yours. Plus, spend a year (or two or three) with us and you will gain the skills that will allow you to succeed in today's multicultural world. 

What will I get out of living in Intersections?

Whether your major is business, biology, sociology, or architecture, Intersections provides you with the opportunity to learn how to live and work with others of diverse backgrounds— an asset that doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. You will find deeper ways to talk about race and culture, more fully understand different life experiences and points of view, and learn to live in a diverse community. Living in Intersections will also provide you with a broad network across campus via individual determination as well as help and support from your peers.

What’s unique about Intersections?

  • A small community to ease the transition to a large university
  • Special courses offered through Intersections
  • Interaction with faculty and guest presenters
  • Paid research internship where you are matched with a faculty member whose research interests match your interests
  • Availability of multicultural publications in the PAR library
  • Lots of fun activities! Trips to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati and the Lincoln Museum in Springfield; interaction with artists, scholars, musicians, diversity leadership trainers, and many social activities

What does it cost to live in Intersections?

There is $150 fee to live in Intersections. Fee covers fall and spring semesters and is used for Intersections programming budget, which covers costs for  Intersections Orientation, the annual fall trip, Guests-in-Residence programs, student run programs such as team participation in intramural sports, student office assistant staff

How can I get involved?

In many ways! Apply to be an Outstanding Mentor for Intersections (OMI) for the following year to gain even more leadership skills. Intersections staff will also help you host your own program! Take courses with your fellow Intersections residents!

What is Intersections Orientation?

Orientation is a time for you to learn more about what Intersections can do for you and how you want to get involved. You will move-in two days before everyone else. That gives you a head start on knowing the campus and PAR, and planning for the week of classes ahead. Intersections orientation also allows you time to get to know your new Intersections family.

Do I have to sign up to attend Orientation? Is there a cost?

Yes, you need to register online. An online sign up form is available early June. No, there is no fee for Orientation. Orientation is covered by the $150 Intersections fee, which covers both fall and spring semesters.

When is Intersections Orientation?

Move-in Day is Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Orientation starts at 3:30pm with the Parent and Family Welcome/Question & Answer session. The Student Welcome session begins at 4:30pm. Orientation goes through Thursday, August 22, 2013.

Who are the OMIs?

Outstanding Mentors for Intersections (OMIs) are returning Intersections students who enjoyed their experience living in Intersections so much that they cannot stay away. This team of students will be making contact with you throughout the summer to answer any questions you may have. They will be conducting most of the orientation sessions in the fall and will be living with you on your floor. They may even be your roommate!

What is the Guest in Residence (GIR) Program?

The GIR program invites guests whose work and life paths provide a window into diversity and social justice as they are lived. Guests live in the residence halls for several days, conduct interactive programs, host discussions, join us for meals, and more. Will I have a chance to interact with faculty? Yes, special courses are offered through Intersections and taught in PAR. Take advantage of the small class-size, interact with faculty, fulfill general education requirements or take unique electives. Intersections also invites faculty to present to students in an interactive way about issues related to diversity. Discussions are followed by dinner catered by local businesses.

What Is “CODE?”

“CODE” is a weekly occurrence where Intersections residents converse about current issues and visit different cultural and social venues on or off campus. It’s coordinated by your Multicultural Advocates, but provides a great opportunity for any resident to take a lead on a program. "CODE" also incorporates a variety of horizon broadening activites such as wordles.

What is the Intersections Researchers Program?

Each spring some Intersections residents are matched with faculty members based on similar interests. Interns work 5-7 hours a week, attend regular Intersections intern meetings, and present their work at PAR at the end of the semester. Applications are available in the fall.

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