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Allen Hall/Unit One: A creative community in a small college environment

Q. How do I select Unit One/ Allen Hall?
A. The University sends Notification of Admission on three dates:  Mid December and Mid February with another sent out in March for students applying to the School of Fine and Applied Arts.  This Notification will include an acceptance form which you must return to the University to secure a place at the U of I.  Upon receipt of your response that you have accepted admission and plan to attend the University of Illinois, you will be contacted to apply for University Housing.  If you are interested in joining the Unit One/Allen Hall community, list Unit One as a preference on your Housing Application, and be sure to make sure this residence hall preference is not overriden by a roommate preference.

Once you have selected Unit One as your first choice, you are also encouraged to complete the Living-Learning Community application and essay.

Submit your online contract by the May 15th deadline.

Assignments will be made based on your submitted essay and the assignment process which begins in May.

Q. Do I need to write an essay to be assigned to Unit One?
A. Although we do not require an essay, those who write essays are given first priority of assignment to Unit One/Allen Hall.

Q. How are students assigned to Unit One/Allen Hall?
A. All students who submit their contracts by the May deadline are assigned to University Residence Halls in a selection process based on their stated preferences. Students who request Unit One/Allen Hall as their hall of choice on the University Residence Halls Contract and who also write an essay will be the first assigned to Allen.

Q. If I request Unit One/Allen Hall as my housing preference, what are my odds of being assigned there?
A. The short answer is – If you apply by the priority deadline in mid-May, and you have submitted an essay, your chances are pretty good.  The University has changed its Admission procedures this year, so we don't have a feel for our application rates.  However, if you want more information on the housing selection process you can check the following site:

Q. What is the difference between Unit One and Allen Hall?
A. By choosing to live in Allen, students are also choosing Unit One; the two are inseparable. Allen is a University Residence Hall. Unit One is an academic program in Allen Hall. The degree to which a student makes use of Unit One/Allen Hall then becomes his/her choice.

Q. Is there a charge for Unit One?
A. We anticipate that Allen Hall room and board rate will include approximately $320 per year that goes toward supporting the Unit One program.

Q. Are there any other charges?
A. In general, no. Most charges for facilities (including photography and ceramics), access to personal computers, educational field trips, workshops, music lessons (in the Unit One program), and tutoring are covered by the basic fee, although some events and field trips may involve additional charges.

Note: Information in this FAQ is current as of 1/19/10.

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