University Housing at Illinois University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Allen Hall/Unit One: A creative community in a small college environment


damali ayo Artist, performer, author, race
Becky Stern Artist, crafts, electronics, Arduino
Climbing PoeTree Poetry, bookmaking, street art
Lucky Dragons Experimental music, interactive performances, collaborative art
Tristan Taormino Author, sex educator
Ian Cheney Filmmaker, environmental advocate
Stephen Zunes Middle East politics, US foreign policy, non-violent social movements
Mitch Altman Hacker, inventor


Combat Paper Project Paper-making, veterans, war
Jimmie Briggs Investigative journalist, child soldiers
Gareth Branwyn DIY media and technology, cyberculture
Davy Rothbart Found Magazine, author, filmmaker
Favianna Rodriquez street art, political art
Douglas Ewart Composer, improvisor, instrument maker
Anna Lappé Food politics, sustainable agriculture


James Loewen

Race and American History

Brian Tokar Ecological issues and movements
Stefan Brun and Jenny Magnus Theater directors, writers, performers, producers
Tim Eriksen "Northern Roots" Americana musician
Climbing PoeTree Poetry, bookmaking, stenciling
Bryant Terry Eco chef, food justice
African Women Writers festival African women writers and performers


Jimmie Briggs Investigative journalist, child soldiers
Mark Frauenfelder and David Pescovitz Technology, science, culture bloggers
Ninotchka Rosca Writer, human rights activist, former political prisoner
Idris Goodwin Hip hop playwright, break beat poet, teacher
Favianna Rodriquez Street art, political art
Heather Rogers Journalist, filmmaker, environmental effects of mass consumption
Bill Ayers School reform, teaching, and democracy


James Loewen Race and American History
Speak Theater Arts Theater performers, writers
Hadani Ditmars International journalist, Middle East
Billy Jonas Singer/songwriter, "industrial re-percussionist"
Climbing PoeTree Poetry, bookmaking, stenciling
Sonia Shah Investigative journalist, human rights, medicine
Josh MacPhee Street art, political graphics


Aya de Leon Writer and spoken word performer
Iris Morales Activist, media artist, attorney, and director/producer
Prexy Nesbitt Africa expert, organizer, teacher
Brian Ulrich Photographer, exploring consumption, media, and advertising
Eboo Patel and Kevin Coval Interfaith relations, spoken word performance
Frithjof Bergmann Philosophy, New Work
Allyson Mitchell Maximalist artist, lg scale sculpture and installations, feminist activism and popular culture 
Kristina Sheryl Wong Solo performer, writer, Asian American issues


Sharif Ezzat, Rachel Havrelock, and Yuri Lane Performance art, hip-hop plays, political issues
Patch Adams Health, humor, and community
Elaine Brown Activist, writer, popular lecturer
Mark Frauenfelder and David Pescovitz Technology, science, culture bloggers and editors
Kathy Kelly Noble peace prize nominee, nonviolent action in Iraq, Haiti, and Bosnia
Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai Spoken word artist, cultural pride
Fred Rubin Television writer and producer, writing instructor


Kristina Sheryl Wong Solo performer, writer, Asian American issues
Eboo Patel and Kevin Coval Interfaith relations, spoken word performance
Tariq Ali Political commentator, novelist, playwright
Grace Lee Boggs Civil Rights, Black Power, Women's Movement, and Asian American issues
Tara Betts Spoken word performer, poet, teacher
James Loewen Race and American history
Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn School reform, political activists, children's human rights and legal issues


Aya De Leon Poet, spoken word performer, teacher
Peter Irons Supreme Court, civil rights, civil liberties
John Sinclair Poetry, essays, blues, and jazz
Ben Cox Civil Rights Movement, non-violent protest
Frederick Marx Independent filmmaker, "Hoop Dreams"
Lakota Harden Native American Issues, indigenous women
Timothy "Speed" Levitch Tour guide, writer, performance artist
Julianne Malveaux Politics, economics, gender, and race.


Ysaye Barnwell African and African American vocal music
James Loewen Race and American history
Keith Knight Comic art and expression
Bernardine Dohrn Political activist, children's human rights and legal issues
Patch Adams Free health care movement
Jason Finkelman Improvisational percussion
Anida Rouquiyah, Yoeu Esguerra, and Dennis Sangmin Poetry, spoken word, Asian American identity


Rick Burkhardt and Andy Gricevich Experimental music and theater
Rachel Katz and Tony Sirna Environmentally sustainable community living
Vicky Gray Adams Civil Rights Movement
Staceyann Chin Spoken word, race, sexuality
Bill Ayers School reform, politics
Michael Keck Theater, prisons, and social change


Jane Holtz Kay Architecture, planning, and the environment
Ray Essick The Olympics and society
Lyx Ish Experimental music, language, and writing
James Loewen Race and American History
Laura Hershey Disability rights activism
Patch Adams Free health care movement
Marianne Ferber Economics and women's studies
Kenneth Atkins Space exploration
Ysaye Barnwell African and African American vocal music


Jeff Pinzino and David Pinzino People's empowerment and community building
August Zirner American/European performing arts
Toby Miller Sports and cinema in popular culture
Bernardine Dohrn Political activist, children's human rights and legal issues
Calvin Forbes Poetry, literature, jazz as art music
Jolie Rickman Community-based arts and music
David Dellinger and Elizabeth Peterson Social justice activism, Chicago 8
Pete Anderson Psychology and human sexuality


Barbara Trent Documentary film making
Mark Weisbrot Political economy
Kalamu Ya Salaam International music, poetry, and other writings
Rick Burkhardt and Andy Gricevich Experimental music and theater
Patch Adams Free health care movement
Nancy Thies Marshall Gymnastics, sports media


Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman Movement theater
David Chynoweth and Gloria Chynoweth Microbiology, music, and massage
Ray Moseley Medical ethics
Bill Ehrhart Poetry, Vietnam War
Melanie Mala Ghosh South Asian women, political activism
Magdalena Campos-Pons and Neil Leonard Cuban visual arts, experimental music


Spiderwoman Theater Native American women's theater
Bruce Hinrichs and Greg Mulcahy Popular culture past and present
Johanne Fisher Environmental and social biology
Ray Moseley Medical ethics
Mark Weisbrot Political economy
Kathy Long Martial arts, women in films
Lorna Goodison Caribbean poetry


Barbara Trent Documentary filmmaking, The Panama Deception
Elena Featherston Anti-racist activism
Ndikho Xaba South African Music
Patch Adams Free health care movement
Emily Shihadeh Theater, Middle East politics
Larry Heineman Fiction writing, Vietnam War


Roberto Mendoza Environmentalism, Native American/Chicano politics
David Dellinger and Elizabeth Peterson Social justice activism
Ninotchka Rosca US-Philippine relations, trafficking of women
(MPAACT) Ma’at Production Association of African Center Theater African centered arts
Laurie Witzkowski Puppetry, experimental performance
Sky Schultz Environmentalism, psychology
Jose Lopez Social Justice, US penal system


Rebecca Rice Performing arts, anti-racism
Patch Adams Community building
David Feldman Popular culture
Renee Diehl Physics, feminism
Irena Klepfisz Yiddish culture, writing
Toby Twining and Beth Amsbary Experimental music, participatory theater


Fred Ho African-Asian Jazz, Asian studies
Lisa Fay Movement, choreography, community arts
Nancy Thies Gymnastics, sports media
Marv Davidov Peace activism
Vernon Bellecourt Native American activism


Ricardo Levins Morales Printmaking, political organizing
Rebecca Rice Anti-racism, community theater
The Performers' Workshop Ensemble Experimental music and theater
Patch Adams Health, humor, and community
Amel Ben Aba Tunisian feminism
Sara Diamond Right wing American politics


Jerry Frasia Political science
Ann Timmons Theater
Sky Schultz Psychology, humor, ecology
Alexander Lynn African-American youth leadership
Ruth Forman Wellness, human development
Cindy Patton Politics of AIDS and Feminism
Jose Lopez Puerto Rican History and politics


Sheila Tobias Math anxiety, defense spending
Catherine Schieve and Bob Paredes Graphic notation, music composition, Klezmer music
Paula Garb Soviet lifestyle, anthropology
Vinie Burrows Theatre, African culture
Larry Goldfarb Movement education and rehab
Erwin Knoll Editor of the Progressive
Margarita de Botero Ecology and the Green Movement


Norman Soloman Cold war journalism
Jean Redpath Scottish folk singing
David Dellinger Chicago 8, anti-war activism
Conrad Lynn Civil Rights lawyer
Patch Adams Free health care
Encarnita Figueroa Mime/theater and feminism
Laurie Dunphy Filmmaking, photography


Michael LeRoy Alternative dispute resolution
Jerri Allyn Conceptual performance art
Michael Patton Art and alternative lifestyles
Regina Ryan Wellness
Martin Lee Investigative reporting
Sylvia Malagrino Photography
John B. Anderson Government politics


Patrick Daugherty Music, performance
Susan McCarn Women's issues
Fred Marx Independent film, China, "Hoop Dreams"
Carl Oglesby Politics on the left
Karl Hess Politics on the right, libertarianism
David Mamula Character acting


Susan McCarn Theater, women's issues
Richard A. Salem Dispute resolution
Stephen Baird Street performance
George Hallet South African photographer
United Mime Workers Theater, political action
Prexy Nesbitt South Africa, divestment


Karl Hess New management styles
Nell Sinton Political satire
Paul Hoover Alternative technologies
David Mamula Performer, comedy and characters


George Hallett Photography, South Africa
Rita Ollgaart-McNamara Alternative lifestyles
Michael McNamara Music
Susan McCarn Writer, editor, theater
Douglas Kahn Politics
Elizabeth Goldsmith-Conley Puppets
Cousin Wash Storyteller


Harry Edwards Sociology of sport
Bernard Second Mescalaro Apache life and values
Les Klug Photography
Charlie Vernon Dance
Jim Elniski Visual arts
Henrietta Michelson-Bagley Performance and visual artist
Steve Rabin Political action


Harry Krulewitch, MD Medicine
Karamoko Baye Prison reform, prisoner art
Jadwiga Jasny-Mazurek Polish television
Lunar Raven Multimedia
Susan Motycka Choreography
Hans G. Helms Economic history


Charlie Vernon Dance, choreography
Jerry Mander Television critic
Karamoko Baye The judicial system, prison reform, prisoner art
Douglas Ewart Music performance and instrument making
Jadwiga Jasny-Mazurek Children's television, Polish television


The Otrabanda Theater Co. Performance techniques and theater production
Stanley Weir Writing about work experience, small press publishing
Charlie Vernon Dance, choreography, writing
Calvin Jones Painter, muralist
Eva Evers Rosander Social anthropologist


Susan Motycka Dance composer and performer
William DeFotis Composer and clarinetist
Sylvia Woods Labor history and organization
Mark Rogovin Muralist
Steven Carothers Environmental biologist
Barbara Doherty Clown, mime, modern dance


Celia Gouvea Dancer and choreographer
Robert Shrum Journalist and political speechwriter
Michael Patton Visual arts
Prexy Nesbitt Africa expert, organizer, teacher
Nell Sinton Painter
David Abramson Architect (retrieval of old buildings)
Michale Udow and Nancy Udow Composition of music-dance, percussion


United Mime Workers Visual composition, action theater
Chiang Chin Dancer, Chinese dance techniques
Heinz Von Foerster Science, cybernetics, epistemology
Freude Filmmaker and film distributor
Hans B. Helms Economic and social historian
Roscoe Mitchell Composer and multi-instrumentalist


Henriett Michaleson-Bagley Performance, painting, poetry
Michael Fajans Muralist, photographer
Vito Giacolone Painter
Laura Airner Stage design and costuming
Karl Hess Writer, welder, sculptor
Robert Fuller Physicist, personal alternatives


Edwin Schlossberg Environmental Design
Michael Colgrass Composer
Peter Kortner Novelist, television writer, producer
Krysztof Wodicko Graphic artist
Ellen Willis Writer, film critic

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