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MUSIC 169: Electroacoustic Music Techniques

Unit One's Music Lab at Allen Hall is a multi-workstation facility that is designed to give students introductory hands-on experience with electronic and electro-acoustic audio. While the studio does have limited recording capabilities, its focus is on creative experimentation, and the composition of electronic and electroacoustic music. The courses that accompany the studio - Music 169-B, Electroacoustic Music Techniques; and Music 169-C, Composition Seminar (Fall) - use the lab to teach the basics of utilizing a digital audio workstation to realize a composer's work.

The studio features two Macintosh workstations. The first is based around a Macintosh PowerPC Dual 1.5 GHz G5 computer, ProTools LE Audio and MIDI editing software, a DIGI 002 Rack Digital Audio Interface, a M-Audio 8x8 MIDI interface, a 16 channel Behringer Mixer, Alesis MIDIVerb reverb unit, Roland XP-10 synthesizer, Casio CZ-101 synthesizer, and Absynth 3 and Modular Moog V soft-synths. The second workstation is mainly for MIDI editing and score publishing. It is built around a Macintosh PowerPC G4 computer, has a Roland MIDI keyboard controller, and features Sibelius 3 notation software.

Spring 2006 Student Works

[MP3 files, 4-6 MB]
Flip by Jonny Untch
Cosmic Boogers by J.P. Goguen
Opera Singer by Justin Jach
Ghosts of Normandy by Connor Grant
Lurch in the Shadows by John Daskovsky
Sleeping Through Class by Bill Artega
Solos and Sirens in C by Jason Mallo
Spacey Sound Parade by Mick Sellergren
The Voice of Seven Hundred (On the HIll, On the Cross) by Ryan Lowe 
An Auditory Tale of the Death and Rebirth of a Phoenix by David O'Brien

Fall 2005 Student Works

[MP3 files, 3-7 MB]
In and Out of Wonderland by David Derdiger
If Robots Took Over the World by Clara Hoag
Pulse of the Intergalactic Disco Heart by Ben Schlarman 
633/377 by Julia Siebert
The Amorous Plague by Carl Wiley

Photos of the lab:

students in lab 
students in lab

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