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Why Live in Intersections?

Are you curious about people who are different from you but don't know where to start?

Intersections is truly a diverse community, but it's not just a place where a bunch of different people are thrown together and expected "to get along." Intersections actually gives you lots of opportunities to do stuff together and talk about cultural differences. Most of the time, it's about you figuring out who you want to be friends with. Intersections makes it easier to cross social barriers. At the same time, it gives you "permission" to be yourself wherever you come from.

What kind of high school did you go to?

If you're coming from a diverse high school and want to continue that experience, Intersections is for you. On the other hand, if you came from a school you feel was not very diverse and want a new kind of experience, then Intersections is for you too.

Does the U of I seem huge and you want a "home base"?

Year after year, student who live in Intersections say that it gave them a great community where they got to know each other well. Let's face it, unless you're bold, it can be hard to strike up a conversation with a person sitting next you in a lecture hall with 500 students. Plus, staff at Intersections can help point you towards resources for many issues you many face from finding a job to dealing with a health concern.

Do you want a community that takes academic success seriously?

Intersections students are very social, and they also get down to business when it comes to classes. The students here want to succeed, get their degrees, and go out into the world. One thing you gain from Intersections is the skill to interact effectively with many different types of people.

Are you looking for unique opportunities?

Intersections provides unique opportunities you wouldn't necessarily think you could have! For example, most first year students don't have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members. Intersections offers the Researchers Initiative where you get to work with faculty on their research and get paid too! We've also taken amazing trips, for example, to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH.

Do you want leadership opportunities?

When you are a first year student, the opportunities can seem overwhelming. Intersections gives you a place to start exercising those leadership skills. Intersections has the resources to support your creating programs and groups. As a sophomore, you can apply to become an Outstanding Mentor for Intersections (OMI) where you plan the next year's Orientation and mentor new Intersections students. Plus, you get a nice gift card to the Illini Union Bookstore to help pay for those books!

What do Intersections students say about Intersections?

  • "I loved the field trips, like the one to Indianapolis [Eiteljorg Musuem of American Indians and Western Art]. That's where I really got to interact with the people and learn a lot at the same time. It was great being able to have a social basis with other cultures and learn about other historical cultures at the same time."
  • "I think Intersections is an awesome place to be living during the first few years of college. I had no idea what it was going to be like and was kind of nervous when I got here. But then the first few days was a time to connect with people and do activities to get to know others in the dorm. I like how we get  a chance to get close to people we live with because people in other dorms said they don't even talk to people on there floor. I cannot imagine how that would be. I have met some really cool people here and some of my closest friends are the ones I met the first few days. I like how there are a variety of people and everyone gets along with each other. I would not have pictured a better way of living in college.... This is the best experience I can imagine and I have really enjoyed being a part of it!"
  • "I love it! I love diversity, and this was a great way to make friends."
  • “The first three days were the best since no one else was here. [Intersections students move in two days before other first year students.] It made it easier to acclimate. Also, the diversity aspect—nothing I’d ever seen before. Those classes were awesome! Fun, easy to get into. So many classes are hard to get into when you’re a freshman or not part of a special group.”
  • “An OMI [Outstanding Mentor for Intersections] talked [Intersections] up to me. She told me all the perks—the free trip, the classes, moving in early. It was definitely worth the little extra fee to get a free trip!”


Please feel free to call Lydia Khuri, Intersections Program Director, at 217.265.6276 or email her at

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