Meet the Residential Life Staff

2017-2018 Res Life Staff

Tricia Wolfe Anton
Associate Director of University Housing for Residential Life

Assistant Director for Residential Life - Hall Supervision & Staffing (Ikenberry Commons Hall Operations & Staff Training/Development contact)

Herb Jones
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Social Justice & Leadership Education

Nathan Sanden
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Academic Programs

Bob Wilczynski
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Community Standards & Life Safety/ Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Krystal Grace
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Student Dining & Residential Programs (SDRP) and Conferences & Special Events

Dana DeCair
Coordinator for Conferences & Special Events

Kari Mattfolk
Building Coordinator, Student Dining & Residential Programs (SDRP)

Gretchen Madsen Webb
University Housing/Residential Life Librarian

Jennifer Bechtel
Program Director - Sustainability and Innovation Living-Learning Communities

Jacob Frankovich
Program Director - Social Justice & Leadership Education

Laura Haber
Academic and Program Director - Unit One Living-Learning Community

Lydia Khuri
Program Director - Urbana South Living-Learning Communities (Global Crossroads, Intersections, WIMSE, and Health Professions)

Brian Moffitt
Program Director - Honors Living-Learning Community

Kim Hodges Otchere
Program Director - Social Justice & Leadership Education

Jenn Smist
Program Director - Weston Exploration and LEADS Living-Learning Communities

Demetrius Gary
Area Coordinator - Ikenberry Commons North Residence Halls (Nugent, Hopkins, Barton/Lundgren, Wassaja, and Weston)

Arianna Agramonte Holterman
Area Coordinator - Urbana South Residence Halls (PAR & FAR)

Brad Hudson
Academic Coordinator - Unit One Living-Learning Community

Melissa McDonald
Area Coordinator - Urbana North Residence Halls (ISR, Busey Evans, Allen, & LAR)

Paul Wojdacz
Area Coordinator - Ikenberry Commons South Residence Halls (TVD, Scott, Snyder, & Bousfield)

Marissa Becker
Residence Hall Director - Busey Evans

Cristian Biviano
Residence Hall Director - Oglesby Hall (FAR) and Health Professions LLC

Brandon Evilla
Residence Hall Director - Allen Hall/Unit One Living Learning Community

Aaricka Hellberg
Residence Hall Director - Taft-Van Doren Halls

Sam Holden
Residence Hall Director - Wardall Hall (ISR) and Innovation LLC

Norma Garcia Tellez
Residence Hall Director - Babcock-Carr (PAR) and Intersections LLC

Christopher Lewis
Residence Hall Director - Scott Hall (Transfer Cluster)

Laura McCulley
Residence Hall Director - Wassaja Hall

Christopher Murphy
Residence Hall Director - Weston Hall and Weston Exploration LLC

Nathan Runnells
Residence Hall Director - Nugent Hall, Beckwith Program, and Honors LLC

Debra Imel
Residence Hall Director - Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls (LAR), Scholars Community, and Sustainability LLC

Marlene Smith
Residence Hall Director - Bousfield Hall

Kim Soumar
Residence Hall Director - Hopkins Hall and LEADS LLC

Nolan Theodore
Residence Hall Director - Barton-Lundgren Halls

Cedric Wilson
Residence Hall Director - Townsend Hall

Jeffrey Cox
Residence Hall Director - Blaisdell-Saunders (PAR) and Global Crossroads LLC

Nicholas Jones
Residence Hall Director - Snyder Hall

Sheldon Woods
Residence Hall Director - Trelease (FAR) and WIMSE LLC