Multicultural Advocates (MAs)

Talented student staff who focus on helping build and navigate our diverse residential communities.

Every hall has a Multicultural Advocate (MA). MA’s promote the advancement of multiculturalism and social justice within the residence halls through community and staff development, education, celebration, and dialogue. 

Our communities bring together a wide array of individuals with diverse cultures, backgrounds, interests, perspectives and life experiences. The MAs assist students and staff in each building create and navigate the richness of this diverse community by serving as a resource person, ally, student advocate, peer advisor, role model and educator.

MAs provide opportunities for engagement that promotes:

  • Working toward a common vision and aspirations for the quality of life in our residence hall community
  • Working in partnership with others to continually improve our services and create a safe and inclusive, multicultural residence hall community
  • Celebrating our diversity without division
  • Appreciating our similarities and differences
  • Awareness, education and understanding
  • Supporting residents and colleagues in their efforts to co-create positive, inclusive and diverse communities

The Multicultural Advocates are supervised by the Social Justice and Leadership Education team. 

Learn more about each member of the MA staff. Contact us at with questions or for more information about what we do or how you can join our team!

Meet the Multicultural Advocates (MAs)

Jake | Nugent

Hello: a word that can be recognized from almost every corner of the world. With a student body hailing from 112 countries across the globe and each person's background different from the next, the University of Illinois is a haven for each person to tell their story inside and outside of the classroom. As your MA, I'm here to facilitate social justice dialogue and foster a welcoming and diverse community where we can learn together. Let's have a great year! 


Talita | Scott

I'm a sophomore in DGS (undeclared), hoping to transfer into engineering. My role as your MA is to delve into social justice through multiple events our Community Conversations. I'm here to talk about identity and inclusion, but also just to chat! I'll be happy to get to know you all. I am excited to be the MA of Scott Hall and hope that we can form an amazing, welcoming, and respectful community together! 


Derrius | Wassaja

I’m a senior in Community Health, interested in how health disparities impact marginalized groups. As you can see from my major I am really passionate about social justice and equity. I hope to meet as many of you as I possibly can! When you see me in the hall please say "hi," and if you want to talk you can always swing by to Room 2113! 


Ruo Wei | Barton-Lundgren

Hello! I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Economics. I’m really excited to be your MA. My wish is to make BL a home away from home. I am a loquacious and outgoing person, so feel free to engage me in any conversations. I am also actively involved in Illinois Business Consulting and I am the External Vice President of the Singapore Students Association. I'm looking forward to bond, learn, and grow together as one BL community! 


Jarell | (ISR) Townsend

I am so excited to be apart of the Townsend community again. We are all here originating from different paths of life and possessing many different perspectives and beliefs. That is what makes us all UNIQUE!! It is so life-changing to be a part of this community that encourages growth, individuality, and change. As your Multicultural Advocate, I will do my best to guide our community to grow in our understanding of social justice, identity, and inclusion. Lastly, I'm excited challenge us as a community to be the CHANGE they would like to see in the world!! 


Rachel | Allen

I'm here to facilitate initiatives and dialogue about social justice, identity and inclusion. I'm a Senior studying Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies, and I'm passionate about social change, education, and campus activism. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and growing together as a community. Feel free to drop by my room if you have any questions or just want to talk! 


Niv | ISR (Wardall)

As your Multicultural Advocate, I will personally strive to create a safe environment for everyone. We all have our own personal experiences and differences, and my job will be to make sure we all acknowledge our diversity in a way to deepen connections and promote equity. I'm here to not only talk about identity, inclusion, and social justice, but absolutely anything at all. Feel free to stop by ... I'm excited to meet you all!  


Alex | Hopkins

I am excited to meet all of you this year and will work to create a community where you feel safe, respected, and heard. I am an advertising major and obsessed with media and popular culture so come talk to me about that, identity, getting involved, or absolutely anything else. I'm looking forward to those conversations and more!  


Federico | FAR (Oglesby)

I'm excited to be your MA this year. I'm a Sophomore Music Technology Major and Informatics Minor, so if you ever need someone to talk to about music, informatics, or involvement at Illinois, feel free to come see me. Most of all, I'm here to delve into social justice and identity, striving to make Oglesby the most inclusive community possible. I'm excited to connect! Let's make this a great year! 


Taylor | Bousfield

I am excited to be your MA for this year and am passionate about creating safe spaces for you all to authentically be yourself by facilitating dialogue around social justice and social identity. I am senior studying Communication and am involved in various things on campus (so ask me about them!). If I'm not in Bousfield you can find me at ACES or in line for a Chai Tea Latte. I look forward to meeting you all! 


Stephanie | Weston

My goal as an MA is to create a community where residents feel comfortable sharing and hearing other people's perspectives. I'm here to start conversations on topics regarding social justice, social identities, and multiculturalism through our weekly Community Conversations and other initiatives. Besides being an MA, I'm also a member of the Latino Student Association. I'm very excited to get to know you all and learn from you as well! 


Rubab | LAR (Sheldon)

As your Multicultural Advocate, I'll be working to create a welcoming community that encourages inclusivity and empathy. I'm a sophomore studying Biology and Gender Studies, and I have a heart for social justice, education, and positive change. I am excited for this year and I look forward to meeting you all! Stop by my room anytime! 


Phil | Taft Van-Doren

The University of Illinois strives to foster a community that ensures growth and inclusivity, and as the MA here in TVD, I'm excited to be a part of that. I have three main goals for our community this year: to provide a safe, fun and healthy learning environment for all of us; to encourage thought-provoking dialogue about our society; and to encourage you all to take advantage of the opportunities that you're surrounded by. I'm looking forward to it!  


Tina | Sherman and Daniels

This campus can feel overwhelmingly large at times, but it's all about finding communities that you interact with and belong to. We all have something to learn and something to teach. When we keep that in mind, the campus feels more welcoming and personable. I'm excited to help you all in making that happen in our hall communities!  


Rayven | Busey-Evans

We're all too diverse for us to pretend that we all go through the same struggles and lifestyles. It's important to acknowledge our differences as a community, and to assess so we can all better understand our connections as people. As your MA, I hope we can strive not to be a melting pot, but rather to be a salad bowl where each individual ingredient brings a new taste to the table. That's the key. I'm excited to help make that happen this year!  


CeCe | FAR (Trelease)

I have experienced that learning from someone who is much different than I am is one of the most intriguing and enlightening experiences, even if I don't necessarily agree with that person. I feel that no matter what, my ideas about the people around me changes what I used to think and believe. This change is important, and it is the type of change I hope to help facilitate in Trelease with you all this year! Conversations about identity and inclusion helps me to think about who I really am, and I am looking forward to that dialogue with each of you too. Feel free to stop by anytime!  


Kai | PAR (Blaisdell-Saunders)

Your new community is filled with people of many different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs. That diversity is something to be respected and valued. Currently, I am studying political science and am interested in a career in human services. Throughout the course of this year, I hope to support you all in reaching your highest potential, while delving into topics around identity, inclusion and social justice. I'm looking forward to a fantastic year together!  


Nicholas | Snyder

I hope that this will be a place where you feel welcomed and empowered in all that you accomplish. I'm excited to create a community of learning, inclusiveness, and positivity with you. Come to my social justice dialogues and initiatives, and always feel free to reach out to me throughout the course of the year! I know that we will have a great year together! 


Nidhi | PAR (Babcock-Carr)

I decided to become an MA so I could give everyone a chance to be heard, and to create a platform for dialogue and education. I'm excited to make that happen with you all in Babcock-Carr! and I'm from Hoffman Estates, IL, I love birds, laughing, and chatting with people on Facebook. If you see me online or in real life, feel free to pop over and chat! Oh, and get ready for a great year! 


Demitri | FAR (Oglesby)

My responsibility is to engage in creative, transformative conversations on various social justice topics. I would love to see residents in Oglesby learning from each other and feeling safe. Besides being an MA, I am involved with political education and community work via Black Students for Revolution. I'm also a History major, minoring in Secondary Education. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and hearing your stories, dialogue, and opinions.