PAR Staff

Your staff is excited to get to know you and to help make you feel at home in your hall.

Area Coordinator

128 PAR

Resident Director - Babcock/Carr

Tristen Johnson
(217) 300-9955
108 PAR

Resident Director - Blaisdell/Saunders

Brandon Evilla
(217) 244-8658
PAR Main Office

Hall Secretary

Erin Bedford Hobbs    
(217) 244-2448
PAR Office

Living-Learning Community Staff

(217) 265-0534
106 PAR     
Lydia Khuri, Program Coordinator for Global Crossroads and Intersections
Sarah Kirsch, Secretary

Dining Unit Manager

Jason Jenkins

Building Service Foreman

Sharon Becker

Maintenance Inspector

Joshua Mikeworth

Building Services Supervisor

Sharon Kuehl

Maintenance Supervisor

Michael Park