Student Stories

Student Quotes on Busey-Evans

"Busey-Evans felt like home right away. My living experience was awesome here because I got involved in a few groups and helped out with programs. I have met many different people from around the world and being a part of the dorm community allowed me to be able to be immersed in their culture as I shared mine. I will never forget the conversations, movie nights, and hall dances that I got to be a part of." -Minyona

"I love living in Busey-Evans because it is close to the Quad and has a really awesome, friendly staff. I stayed for a third year in Evans Hall because I really feel at home here." -Michelle 

"Busey-Evans is a charming, beautiful, and cozy hall!" -Danielle

"The location is great, we have carpet and air conditioning, and there is an excellent community." -Elizabeth

"I absolutely LOVE the location. I am in business, and Evans is in close proximity to all of my classes. It is also less than 5 minutes away from the Quad." -Samantha

"I love the convenient location, intimate dining experience, and amazing staff in Evans Hall. Also, our hall has the nicest rooms on campus, with air conditioning, carpet, and big windows. Its great!" -Erin

"Busey Evans has a homey and classic atmosphere to it. Many of the rooms are uniquely shaped, which allows us to be creative with the space given." -Lydia 

"I like how serene and vintage-looking Busey-Evans is. It is very inspiring." -Fernanda