Innovation LLC Orientation

Information for New Innovation LLC Residents: Fall 2014

We are so excited that you will be joining us for the 2014-15 school year in the Innovation Living-Learning Community! Register for Innovation LLC's Fall Orientation by completing the online Orientation Registration Form (check back in the summer for the registration form)! We look forward to seeing you in August.

What is it?

Each year, an energetic group of returning Innovation LLC students plans an incredible two-day orientation program for all new Innovation LLC residents (both new to the University and returning students who are new to the LLC). The $15.00 fee covers your early move-in, meals, housing, and a T-shirt. This gives residents the opportunity to move in two days early, get settled, make new friends, and participate in a variety of fun activities before campus-wide orientation begins. Check back in the spring for updated dates for fall 2015!

What if I also need to attend my academic registration program while Innovation orientation is taking place?

This happens quite often, especially for our international students. This is absolutely fine. Your academic registration should always be your priority. Once you have completed the necessary events for your academic registration, please simply rejoin the Innovation events while they are in progress.

Registration Reminder

When you meet with your advisor, please remember to sign up for an on-site Innovation class. All students new to the Innovation Community are required to take at least one course on site. There are many choices, but we highly recommend TE 200: Introduction to Innovation. This one-credit hour course was designed especially for Innovation students and includes useful brainstorming, public speaking, and resource exploration that supports students in the earliest stages of creative problem-solving. Check out our courses page.

Students in Innovation LLC can also take part in the Music Lesson Lottery and get the chance to win free music lessons! Whether you’ve taken lessons for years, or you’re just a beginner, students can sign up for any musical level, and for most any instrument.  Keep an eye out for the lottery sign up at the start of the semester.

If you have any questions about the community or have any difficulty signing up for classes, please contact Program Director Jennifer Bechtel at (217)244-4850 or

Is it mandatory to attend the fall orientation program?

While it is not mandatory, we strongly suggest that new Sustainability LLC students attend orientation. The vast majority of students do attend orientation.

When is it?

Check back this summer for updated dates and times.

Is there a cost to attend orientation?

There is a fee of $15 to attend orientation, which includes housing, meals, a T-shirt and all orientation program materials.

How do I register?

Simply complete the Orientation Registration Form to register (check back in the summer for the orientation form).

Can only freshmen participate in the orientation program?

Absolutely not! Although some events may be of greater interest to first-year students, all new Innovation LLC residents are invited to participate and register for orientation. Innovation students who are not new students to the University can choose the events and programs that best align with their interests and schedules. Please note that all students are expected and required to adhere to all University policies once they arrive on campus.