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Ikenberry Commons Construction

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Bousfield Hall Complete

The newest residence hall, Bousfield Hall, is now open! This suite-style hall houses approximately 480 students, and is seeking LEED Gold certification.  About Bousfield Hall | Room layouts and floor plans

LEED Certification on Construction Projects

Both Nugent Hall Phase A and the Student Dining and Residential Programs building have received LEED Silver Certification for environmental sustainability. Read green facts about our new buildings. Phase C of Nugent Hall received LEED Gold Certification.

All new construction will be built to LEED Gold standards.

See the archive page for past information about Ikenberry Commons redevelopment.

Ikenberry Commons Construction Master Plan

During the 2013-2014 school year, Nugent and Hopkins will be closest to the new construction ("Residence Hall #3"). Site utility work around the demolished Forbes site will continue into the fall, and construction on Res Hall 3 is expected to start spring 2014. Read more about Residence Hall #3.

Ikenberry Commons master plan drawing 

Work Schedule

Work hours will begin no earlier than 7:30 a.m. Saturdays are included in the work schedule throughout the semester, and occasional Sunday work as needed. Complimentary ear plugs are available at your front desk if you need them.

News & Updates

First Street Reopening on 4/19, H-Pile Installation Begins Next Week (Updated 4/18/14)

First Street Update: The work on First Street has been extended for one additional day, so that workers can finish patching up sidewalks, pouring pavement, and allowing time for it to cure. We expect that it will reopen by tomorrow evening (Saturday, April 19).
H-Pile Installation: Starting the week of April 21, workers will be installing H-Piles into the construction site using a crane. H-Piles are structural beams that are driven deep into the ground to provide support for the new residence hall's foundation construction. This process could, at times, be louder than standard construction activities (but not continuous), and it could cause vibration sensations near the site. Please note that the vibrations will not have any effect on the structural integrity of nearby buildings. The installation is expected to be complete by May 8. If you find the noise to be disruptive, be sure to visit your area office for some complimentary ear plugs.

Sidewalk to Reopen April 21: You may have noticed that a portion of the sidewalk near Nugent, west of the loading dock, is temporarily closed so that workers can complete the water main tie-in for the new construction site. The sidewalk is expected to reopen this Monday, April 21.

Feature Story: Alumni Bring Special Insight to New Residence Hall Project (Updated 4/01/14)

Read about the numerous alumni working on the new residence hall project. Many of them lived with University Housing during their time as students, and bring that insight into the work they do.

New Photos: Storm Water Trap Installation (Updated 3/31/14)

New photos: progress on the site work around First Street

Peabody and First Street Corner Closure Coming in Early April (Updated 3/21/14)

The corner of Peabody and First St. is currently planned to be closed for underground storm pipe installation from April 2 through April 18. The work will be completed before the Illinois Marathon and move-out.

Please note: During this time, access to parking lot E-38, Bousfield, Scott, Snyder, and Euclid Drive will ONLY be from Fourth Street. There will be no access from First Street.

Temporary Closure: Access Drive Near Hopkins; Revised First Street Information (Updated 2/20/14)

Starting Monday, February 24, the access drive north of Hopkins will be closed for underground storm water pipe connection. We expect this work to be completed by March 3. In the meantime, signage will be posted to help direct you around the closed area. Thank you for your patience! 

The second phase of the First Street closure has a revised end date: From March 22 to April 18, a small portion of First Street will be closed at the intersection of Peabody Drive. The earlier end date allows access for the Illinois Marathon route.

First Street Closure to Begin Jan. 16 (Updated 1/15/14)

The first phase of the First Street closure will begin tomorrow, Jan. 16, 2014. First Street will be closed from Peabody to Gregory. Both Peabody and Gregory will still be accessible at their intersections with First Street, and all sidewalks will remain open. Information on bus reroutes can be found on the CUMTD website.

E10 Lot & First Street Closures Coming in January (Updated 11/18/13)

Effective December 22, 2013, lot E10 (north of the old Forbes site) will be permanently closed for continuing Ikenberry construction.  Lot E38 customers parking in lot E10 must park in E38.  If space is unavailable, E38 permits will be honored in shuttle lot E14, south of the blue line. 

From January to May 2014, sections of First Street will be closed in two phases for storm water work that must be completed before construction begins on Residence Hall #3. At all times the sidewalks will remain open.

January through March 21: First Street will be closed from Peabody to Gregory. Both Peabody and Gregory will still be accessible at their intersections with First Street.

March 22 through May 2: A small portion of First Street will be closed at the intersection of Peabody Drive. During this phase, those who use Peabody for parking lot E38 access will need to get to Peabody via Fourth Street. First Street will be open from Stadium to Gregory.

Forbes Demolition & Bousfield Updates (Updated 6/12/13)

The Forbes Hall demolition is scheduled to start next week. This demolition helps to make way for the next new residence hall, Residence Hall #3, which will start construction in spring 2014. We will reuse and recycle as much of Forbes' structure, furniture, and fixtures as possible to help divert waste from landfills. Read more about recycling Forbes.

Bousfield Hall is finishing up with daily furniture deliveries and a lot of landscaping work. We are excited for the opening this August!    

End-of-Semester Update (Updated 4/12/13)

We are in the home stretch in the construction of Bousfield Hall, which means you will be noticing a lot more activity going on around the construction site. Now that warmer weather has arrived, workers will be focusing on tasks like laying down sod and pouring concrete for the walkways. You can expect to hear machines moving earth and rock, and dump trucks bringing in soil. As weather permits,  the work schedule will likely include the weekend (no earlier than 8 a.m. on Sundays). Depending on what needs to be done, the contractors will make every effort to do noisier work on the street side of the building in the early morning and do courtyard work later in the day.

Paver Repairs Near Nugent (Updated 2/15/13)

On Monday, February 18 contractors will be starting repair of pavers near Nugent's emergency generator. This area is out of the main pedestrian path, and should have little impact on residents. The work will take approximately a week (depending on weather), and will be done by hand, so there will be no noisy equipment.

Residence Hall #2 Has a Name! (Updated 1/24/13)

The new residence hall officially has a name! Our new hall is named to commemorate Maudelle Tanner Brown Bousfield. Ms. Bousfield was the first African-American woman to graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Read more about Ms. Bousfield.

Fence Removals; Spring Semester Preview (Updated 1/11/13)

Workers are finishing up earthwork grading in the area leading up to the south side of Hopkins, and so the construction fence that was against the exterior of the building has been taken down. In the next 2-3 weeks, workers will start on the roof of the new hall's bike shelter.

We're also excited to announce that the construction fence just south of Nugent has been removed. The new grass is not fully established yet, so we ask that you use the sidewalks whenever possible when walking through the area. This will give the new grass the best chance at surviving the winter season and getting in top shape for recreational use later in the spring. 

In order to keep the project on schedule, there is still much concrete and landscaping work (sod, grass seed, and planting) to complete before May. This work will start as soon as warmer weather is forecasted. 

New Date for Fence Removal; Walkway Repairs Near Forbes (Updated 11/15/12)

As we enter the season when the ground will begin to freeze, it may take longer for the newly installed sod to properly take root. In order to protect the new landscaping area, the fence around it will stay up longer than originally anticipated. We now expect to open the area in January, after winter break.

Workers will be making walkway repairs between Forbes and Hopkins to replace sections with damaged concrete. This work will take place during fall break. 

Sod Installed on Quad (Updated 10/24/12)

Take a walk in Ikenberry Quad lately? In the fenced area south of Nugent, the freshly installed sod is looking great! To help the new grass take root, we will be keeping a fence around the landscaping through fall break. The good news is that the walkway closest to Nugent is now open for foot traffic, and additional bike racks are available for your convenience.

Gregory Drive Closure (Updated 9/20/12)

The west-bound lane of Gregory Drive will be closed between Second and First streets starting Monday, September 24 through Friday, September 28 at 5 p.m. The east-bound lane will remain open, and north-bound traffic on Second will be permitted. The closure is for emergency repair of storm sewers.

Sidewalk Opening Soon, New Wheelchair Ramp for Hopkins (Updated 9/20/12)

The new walkway on the south side of Nugent is almost complete and will be opening soon (estimated to be done next week). 

Workers are in the process of constructing a new wheelchair ramp at Hopkins and have the space temporarily blocked off (on the south side of the entrance doors).  This work should not affect the entrance doors to these wings, and it is expected to be completed by the end of September. 

Sidewalk Closure, Landscaping Project, Res Hall #2 (Updated 8/23/12)

Work near Forbes & Nugent: Starting 7 a.m. On September 9, workers will be removing the temporary walkway on the south side of Nugent Hall. While the new, permanent walkway is being built, you will need to walk south of the fenced area, or north around Nugent, to head toward the SDRP. We apologize for any inconvenience during this phase. We expect the new walkway to be open by late September. The landscaping project (just south of Nugent) is expected to finish later in the fall. Also, please note that the construction trailer north of Forbes will be going away in October. 

Residence Hall #2 Update: While much of the remaining construction work will be on the inside of Residence Hall #2, during the fall semester workers will be doing site work around the courtyard of the new hall (closest to the south side of Hopkins). This work may include digging trenches for piping/conduit systems, earthwork, forming and pouring of concrete, and installing pavers and bike shelters. Thank you in advance for your patience while this work is being completed. Please note ear plugs are available at your front office if you need them.

Recycling Garner  (Updated 4/26/12)

Garner Hall is scheduled for demolition this summer, which will dramatically change the look of the Ikenberry Commons neighborhood. More green space for you to enjoy! In many ways Garner will live on. Read about what's next for Garner and how it will be recycled for other uses. 

Crane Removal Rescheduled for Friday, March 9 (Updated 3/7/12)

The crane removal has been rescheduled to Friday, March 9 because of tomorrow's weather forecast. Hopkins residents: check your Illinois email account for more information.

Residence Hall #2 Updates: Concrete Structure, Crane Removal (Updated 3/5/12)

Work on Residence Hall #2 has reached a major milestone: the concrete structure has been completed! (See our gallery for new photos.) As the "backbone" of the building, this completed concrete structure now allows for the focus to shift to interior work. You'll also begin to notice window and brick installation, as the structure begins to look more and more like a residence hall. We're still on schedule for a fall 2013 opening!

The large construction crane, which has been a fixture on the site all year, will be coming down this week. Ikenberry residents, please check your email for more details on the crane removal process. The scheduled date is March 8, but may be changed to an alternate time in the case of inclement weather. We'll keep you updated if there is any delay.   

Sidewalk Closure March 5 – 9 (Updated 3/2/12)

The sidewalk north of Peabody Drive will be closed Monday, March 5 at 7 a.m. through Friday, March 9 at 5 p.m. This closure affects the portion between First Street and just west of Scott Hall. The work is necessary for the water main tap on Peabody Drive that will bring water service to Residence Hall #2. Thanks for your patience!

Fall 2011 Overview (Updated 8/26/11)

If you live close to Phase C (the Nugent addition), you may hear the mortar mixer as bricklaying work continues. Around September 12 some site work will be happening, which means you may hear some trucks and other equipment. By early November we anticipate that the building will be totally enclosed and all other work would be interior only (and much less noisy to you!).
On the Residence Hall #2 site, a tower crane will be starting up around September 1. You may hear trucks, bull dozers, and other machinery if you live near this site. Over the summer the foundation was laid, and the next big milestone is to create the concrete structure for the building. This stage will take through February to complete.

Remember to pick up some ear plugs or cleaning wipes from your area office!

Gregory Drive Re-Opening  (Updated 8/3/11)

Construction on Gregory Drive (between First and Fourth) will be finishing up this week and the street is expected to reopen on Monday, August 8.   

Residence Hall #2: Foundation Work Begins! (Updated 5/31/11)

The construction site for Residence Hall #2 has been cleared and the foundation work begins in earnest this week. For the next 2-4 weeks, the contractors will be installing earth retention in order to construct the foundation footings and walls. This means driving (hammering) long steel beams vertically into the ground. Please be aware that this work is VERY loud. Thank you for your patience while we complete this important step in the process.

Parking Lot Entrances (Updated 5/12/11)

Starting on May 16, the west entrance of parking lot E-38 will be closed due to construction. The center and east entrances will still remain open. See a map of the impacted area.

LEED Certification & End-of-Semester News (Updated 4/29/11)

Nugent Hall has officially been awarded LEED Silver certification! The SDRP is also currently seeking LEED certification. 

Construction work hours will remain the same throughout finals week, with limited work over Saturdays and Sunday work unlikely.

The westernmost portion of the E-38 parking lot (south of Hopkins Hall) has been blocked off for construction preparations on Residence Hall #2. Residence Hall #2 will be a suite-style hall on the corner of Peabody and First, housing 480 students. It is scheduled to open for fall 2013.

Sunday Work (Updated 3/4/11)

Construction work is possible into this Sunday, to help keep construction on schedule. About a dozen workers will be installing mechanical sleeves, reinforcement, and electrical conduit for the fifth floor deck of the south wing. This work will be quiet and should not cause any disruption to residents.  

Weekend Schedule (Updated 2/25/11)

Sunday work is planned for February 27, with about a dozen workers installing mechanical sleeves, reinforcement, and electrical conduit all for the fifth floor deck of the north wing in the Nugent addition.

Sunday Work (Updated 2/4/11)

Construction work is possible into this Sunday, to help make up for lost time from the severe weather earlier this week. A small crew will be on the south wing of the 4th floor deck, installing rebar reinforcement for the concrete deck and mechanical/plumbing sleeves. It won't be noisy, and will not interrupt your Super Bowl viewing!

Sunday Work (Updated 1/27/11)

While construction work is possible into this Sunday (January 30), it is not expected to be noisy. Workers will be on the north wing of the fouth floor deck, installing rebar reinforcement for the concrete deck and electrical conduit.     

Walkway and Quad Update (Updated 11/8/10)

The Forbes-Garner walkway is now open and will remain open for the remainder of the semester. The new residential quad is expected to be finished during the week of November 22, or earlier if possible.

Forbes-Garner Walkway to Close Temporarily (Updated 10/22/10)

The new walkway between Forbes and Garner will be closed temporarily from Monday, October 25 through Friday, October 29 to allow for some additional construction work. The walkway will open again on the afternoon of October 29 and will remain open for the rest of the semester.

Euclid Street Makeover & Sunday Work (Updated 9/21/10)

Starting this Thursday, workers will begin removing the gravel along Euclid Street. In addition to concrete strips and benches, they’ll be installing new trees and plantings. The work will be done in sections, so only small portions will be fenced off at a time. There will be a dump truck on Euclid but you’ll still be able to walk around. The goal is to keep it as accessible as possible, and the sidewalk will remain open through the whole process (estimated to be finished around October 15).

Construction work may continue into this Sunday, September 26.

Upcoming Foundation Work (Updated 9/17/10)

There will not be any construction work this Sunday.

Starting on Monday, September 20, workers will begin building the foundation for the non-basement portion of the Nugent addition. For about two weeks, 154 piers will be drilled into the ground 10 feet under each of the concrete footings that support the concrete columns. The drill area is about 100+ feet from the east side of Forbes, and 100+ feet from the west side of Garner. To get an idea of the noise level, you can view a YouTube clip of this type of drilling.

Also next week, in the yard area between Scott and Hopkins, First Street and E-38 parking, a soil boring test company will drill additional holes into the ground for soil testing. This work helps the structural engineer design the correct foundation system for the next new residence hall. You will notice a small truck in the yard doing the drilling. It is not very noisy work. Work will start on Tuesday and end Wednesday, Sept 21st  and 22nd, starting at 8 a.m.  

Sunday Work & Dust Reduction (Updated 9/10/11)

As trucks have been hauling dirt into the work site, you may have noticed an increase in dust near your hall (particularly Hopkins). Please note that yesterday (9/9/10) was the last day for hauling dirt, and the contractor is also watering the site to cut back on dust. If you've had any issues with dust in your room, you can pick up complimentary cleaning wipes at your front desk. Ear plugs are also available.

Depending on how much gets done this week, work may extend into Sunday for the next two weeks. Please note that this is an exception—on most weeks there will be no construction on Sundays.

Preview of Fall Construction (Updated 8/6/10)

Work is moving forward on the second phase of Nugent Residence Hall (to be completed in 2012), fenced off on the west side of Nugent and directly north of Forbes. You'll also notice the center of Ikenberry Commons is fenced off for major landscaping work to create a new residential quad, estimated to be finished by November. Sometime in September, fencing around the landscape project will move and open up more pathways around the neighborhood, including the east side of Forbes.

There will be truck traffic and deliveries between Scott and Snyder, Scott and Hopkins, and Hopkins and Forbes, so be cautious when walking through Ikenberry Commons. Although the area will be busy, you can enjoy being steps away from the beautiful new SDRP and Ikenberry Dining Hall!

Demolition Video (Updated 7/6/10)

See video footage of the Peabody & Gregory dining hall demolition.

Peabody Demolition (Updated 6/16/10)

Demolition of the Peabody Dining Hall began this morning. As with the Gregory demolition earlier this month, waste from the building will be sorted for recycling. Both dining halls are being replaced by the new Ikenberry Dining Hall, opening this fall. See the demolition photo gallery.

Summer Work/Prepping for Demolition (Updated 5/4/10)

Some of the biggest changes in the construction zone are coming soon! A week after commencement, the fence around the SDRP and Nugent Hall will be coming down. It will take about two weeks to vacate Gregory and Peabody dining halls and finish interior preparations for demolition. Any loose items from the buildings, such as furniture, will be removed and donated to state agencies.

By May 17, you will no longer be able to walk through the area bounded by Forbes, Garner, Hopkins, Scott, Snyder, and Weston, as construction fencing will be set up between the halls. You will still be able to walk around the buildings, but not in between.

Around June 1, mass demolition of Gregory will begin, followed by Peabody. It will take about six weeks to complete. Once the demolition is done, the landscape project will begin. Much of the gravel will be going away and replaced with soil and plants.

The summer is going to be busy time in the construction zone, and we hope you share in the excitement as our new buildings get ready for fall opening.

Work in the Peabody & Gregory Tunnels (Updated 4/16/10)

If you haven’t seen it already, you will soon notice signs that asbestos removal is ongoing in the Peabody and Gregory tunnels. While it is not expected to be noisy, the removal process will impact different parts of the tunnels from now to the end of the semester. Please note that it is safe to continue walking through the tunnels. The workers are following all appropriate safety precautions and the work space is completely contained, so it remains safe to walk through.

Some common areas will be affected by the removal process:

  • The Gregory laundry will be closed starting Monday, May 10. Residents in the Gregory area will be given card access to Peabody to do laundry there.
  • The Gregory exercise room will be closing Friday, April 30.
    During finals, workers will be avoiding areas like study rooms and the libraries so that you can continue to access the spaces you need.

First Street Update

The contractor has started to install new construction fencing near Forbes and Hopkins, and along First Street.  Starting around April 23 until the end of the school year, a portion of the First street sidewalk will be diverted onto a temporary sidewalk, so that you safely walk around the construction zone. See an updated site map.

Workers are also digging in the yard area between Hopkins and Forbes to install storm water piping.  If you find the noise to be disruptive, be sure to stop by your front desk for a set of ear plugs.
All of this work is helping to prepare for demolition of the dining halls this summer, so we thank you for your patience and understanding!

Landscape Plans for the Area (updated 3/30/10)

Over spring break a number of trees were removed from the area to make way for the dining demolition this summer. For each removed tree we will plant at least one replacement tree, almost doubling the original number. Here's an overview of the beautiful new landscape to come:

  • Shade trees: 100 trees
  • Ornamental trees: 72 trees
  • Evergreen trees: 25 trees
  • Shrubs: 545
  • Ornamental grasses and perennials: 5,715
  • Spring bulbs: 1,500

First Street Fencing and Bus Stop Relocation (updated 3/25/10)

Do you catch the MTD bus on First Street near Forbes? Please note that  the bus stop will be moving south, closer to Hopkins, when construction fencing gets installed along First Street in late March/early April.

The fence will block the current sidewalk along First Street (up to the corner of Gregory Drive), but we will provide a temporary sidewalk so you can still walk safely along First. While the new fencing will include the space between Forbes and Hopkins, we will always have a sidewalk open for access between the two buildings. The reason for the new fencing is so we can complete utility work on First Street, which allows us to stay on schedule for the demolition of Peabody and Gregory dining halls this summer. Check out a site map of the upcoming work.

New Residence Hall Named for DRES Founder Timothy J. Nugent (updated 3/11/10)

On March 10, 2010, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees approved the naming of the new residence hall Timothy J. Nugent Hall. Tim Nugent founded the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1948, and he is also recognized as a pioneer in campus accessibility. Read the full Board of Trustees Item. (PDF)

Weston Sidewalk to Reopen (updated 2/11/10)

Weather permitting, next week the construction company will be moving back some of the fencing near Weston. Once the fence is moved, the sidewalk connecting Weston to Euclid Street will be reopened for pedestrians. This work is not expected to be noisy, and will be completed within one day.

New Site Map Shows Upcoming Work (updated 1/20/10)

See our updated site map for a glimpse at the work to come later in the semester. The work along First Street is anticipated to start in April.

Residence Hall Reaches Substantial Completion on Jan. 15 (updated 1/14/10)

We've reached an exciting milestone with our new construction! Starting January 15, the new residence hall is considered to be substantially complete. Now the building officially will be handed over to University Housing for final touches, such as cleaning and furniture installation.

We'll be busy preparing the building for its first residents before opening in fall 2010.  Follow our progress in photos.  See before and after shots of the work on Ikenberry Dining Hall.

Partial Lane Closure on Gregory Drive November 18-20 (updated 11/13/09)

From Wednesday, November 18 through Friday, November 20, there will be a partial lane closure on Gregory Drive (between Second St. and Third St.). Traffic will still be open in both directions with minimal disruption, and flaggers will direct traffic. The closure will allow workers to clean windows on the new residence hall.

Weekly Deliveries & Increased Truck Traffic (updated 11/13/09)

Food service equipment is now being delivered on a weekly basis, which will bring increased truck traffic. As always, please be mindful when walking through the area, particularly on Euclid Street.

Bike Loops & Interior Work (updated 10/28/09)

If you've walked by the construction site recently on the Euclid Street side, you have probably noticed all of the black bike loops near the SDRP entrance. Soon our workers will be anchoring the bike loops into the ground. There may be some noise when workers are drilling into the ground (remember, if the noise does get loud, we have earplugs at the Garner and Snyder front desks). Carpet installation has started and will be ongoing throughout the SDRP and residence hall.

"Finishes" Phase Begins (updated 9/24/09)

Since most of the concrete sidewalk work has been completed, there is a lot less noise in the neighborhood. (Remember, if the noise does get loud, we have earplugs at your front desk.) The project is now in the "finishes phase," which means more decorative work is happening, such as installation of ceramic tile, ceiling tile, coverplates for outlets, doors, and hardware. Within two weeks we expect to being installing carpet!

Tour the Construction Site (updated 9/14/09)

See firsthand what the new building looks like! Group tours will be starting this Friday, continuing throughout the semester. Some spaces are still available for the November tours. UPDATE: The tours are now full! Thanks to everyone for their interest. If we schedule more, we will advertise them here and via email.

Ike Facts Posted (updated 8/27/09) 

How many cranes does it take to make a building this size? What's the average number of construction workers on site each day? And how did Montana granite end up in our basement? See the new Ike Facts page for great construction project trivia.

Sidewalks & Interior Work (updated 8/18/09)

Welcome back to campus! A lot of important work has been completed over the summer—check out the photo gallery to see how the building is coming together.  

While many of the new concrete sidewalks have been completed, more hardscape work still needs to be finished and will continue into October. This work may be noisy at times (from scraping the ground and the sound of beeping trucks) and may create some dust in the area. We are working to get this completed as soon as possible to minimize the inconvenience. Residents who live in the area can request a set of earplugs from their front desk to help with the noise, if needed.

On the inside, workers are currently busy installing ceramic tile, painting, wiring for card access, and doing electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilation work. Additionally, the SDRP is being fitted with terrazzo flooring. It's looking amazing and we're getting excited for next year's opening!

Stay Updated with Facebook and Twitter (updated 8/6/09)

Now you can get your construction news in more than one place. If you're already on Facebook, become a fan of University Housing. If you want instant updates sent to your phone, sign up to get our construction tweets by texting  follow ikeconstruction to 40404 (standard rates apply). Or you can follow along on the web at

Euclid Sidewalk Reopening August 14 (updated 8/6/09)

The construction fence along Euclid Street will be moved back on August 14, which will allow access to the sidewalk. The fence will remain in this position for the duration of the construction project.

Summer Work and Clark Hall Access (updated 4/29/09)

Starting on May 18, the construction fence will be moved closer to Clark, Barton, and Lundgren. Lot E-20 (near Weston) will be limited to six parking spaces, except during move-in 2009 and move-out 2010. Since the construction fence will block off a portion of Euclid, Clark Hall will only be accessible from Fourth Street. The Euclid sidewalk will be accessible again after August 15, 2009. Motorcycle parking will be available at the bicycle rack on the south side of Lundgren, which can be accessed by the sidewalk between Clark and Lundgren. Bicycle parking will be available in the racks north or south of Barton. View a map of the summer work. (pdf)

End-of-the-Semester Updates (updated 4/29/09)

As the semester draws to a close, here is a summary of what to expect in the next couple of weeks. Work could begin on demolition for a portion of Euclid Street. There may be some jackhammering, which could cause occasional noise. Workers have been given permission to begin drywall installation at 7 a.m., but the work is interior, primarily at the centermost portion of the dining building. You might hear the sound of screw guns as the drywall is being installed. Exterior work on cranes and lifts will not begin until 7:30 a.m. Steel erection will begin on the new residence hall in the area facing Garner Hall. While this work is not expected to create excessive noise, you might notice the sound as steel beams are joined together. We thank everyone for their patience and apologize for any disruption the noise may cause.

Construction Slideshow (updated 4/27/09)

Watch a slideshow of the construction progress as it moves from a large dirt pit into an elegant structure. (pdf)

Possible Sunday Work (updated 4/3/09)

Weather permitting, work will continue on Sunday, April 5 on the roofs of both the dining hall and residence hall. Noise will be minimal, and workers will access the buildings from the north (the Gregory Drive side), away from Weston and Garner.

Increased Truck Traffic, Drainage Work (updated 2/18/09)

As weather improves, workers will be starting on drainage/underground storm water piping, particularly around Euclid. You can expect to see more trucks and backhoes entering and leaving the Euclid gates, so please be mindful as you are walking in the area. The noise level may be a bit louder than usual. You may also hear some noise from the lifts being used for window work and the washing/spraying of the new brick walls.

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