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Alma R. Sealine Receives 2013 James C. Grimm Leadership and Service Award

University Housing Director Alma Sealine has been named this year's recipient of the James C. Grimm Leadership and Service Award from the Association of College and University Housing Officers‐International (ACUHO‐I).

Alma Sealine

This award recognizes individuals who have assisted ACUHO‐I with dedicated service and outstanding leadership, and devoted their professional time and efforts to strengthening the goals and objectives of the association.

Sealine got her start within housing and residence life as a Resident Assistant at William Jewell College (WJC) in Liberty, Missouri. After graduating with degrees in communication and sociology, her housing experiences continued as a live‐in hall director at WJC for 2 years before pursuing a master’s degree in College Student Personnel Administration at Indiana University‐Bloomington.

Sealine is currently serving as director of University Housing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She previously worked at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She has also worked at Western Illinois University and West Virginia University. See Alma's full bio.

Sealine is the most recent ACUHO‐I Past President and has had the privilege to connect with international housing colleagues in South Africa, Amsterdam, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. She has served as a faculty member for the South African Housing Training Institute (2012) and National Housing Training Institute (2009) and was an NHTI participant in 1996. She has served on the executive boards/commissions for ACUHO‐I, Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers and ACPA – College Student Educators International.

About ACUHO‐I:

ACUHO‐I is the Association of College and University Housing Officers‐International. ACUHO‐I members believe in
developing exceptional residential experiences at colleges, universities, and other post‐secondary institutions around the world. Members include thousands of housing professionals from more than 900 colleges and universities in 22
different countries, who serve approximately 1.8 million students worldwide. Membership also includes more than
200 corporate members.

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