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Residence Hall Options

All University Housing residence halls feature on-campus locations, convenient services in the hall, and professional staff. Living on campus also means that you will be able to use your meal plan in any University Housing dining hall. Your choice to live with us means you will be in the middle of it all: the Illinois experience starts here.

As you complete your University Housing application, you will be asked for your preferences. You can also note your preference for a non-visitation community (four rooms in Evans), a substance-free hall (Snyder), or the Scholars Community (two floors in LAR).

Options for One Semester, Academic Year, and Twelve Months

Even if you're planning to attend just one semester at the University of Illinois, we have a place for you!

Here are some unique opportunities to make the most of your time on campus.

Living-Learning Communities

University Housing's seven Living-Learning Communities are located in residence halls across campus. Living with other students with similar interests is a great way to become involved and find your place at Illinois. The award-winning programs and services of our Living-Learning Communities are to your advantage.

  • Global Crossroads: a community with an international perspective (remains open during University breaks—fall, winter, and spring—at no additional charge)
  • Health Professions: students looking to make a difference in the greater health care community
  • Innovation LLC: a new community focused on entrepreneurship, invention, and fostering positive change in the world
  • Intersections: a diverse community engaged in open intercultural dialogues 
  • LEADS: students pursuing leadership excellence                                                                                                                        
  • Sustainability: live and learn about diverse aspects of sustainability in a variety of ways: academically, organically, and experientially
  • Unit One: a small-college atmosphere with a creative and eclectic community
  • Weston Exploration: a community of students exploring academic and career choices
  • Women in Math, Science, and Engineering (WIMSE): a supportive network of women pursuing similar academic interests  

See a summary of all University Housing options   (pdf)

Need to Stay Over Break?

If you need to stay on campus over break periods (fall, winter spring), consider these options:

  • Global Crossroads Living-Learning Community (residents may stay in their own rooms over break periods at no additional charge)
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (residents may stay in their own rooms over break periods at an additional charge)
  • Illinois Street Residence Halls (residents may stay in their own rooms over break periods at an additional charge)

Our Amenities

All rooms in the undergraduate residence halls are fully furnished. All residence halls feature lounges, computer labs, residence hall libraries (either in the hall or the complex), high-speed Internet access, laundry facilities, vending options, and large-screen TVs in common areas. 

In addition to Living-Learning Communities, your choices include the following residence halls:

Busey-Evans Hall

Residence Hall

Busey-Evans Residence Halls 

  • East side of campus in Urbana, about 4 blocks from the Library
  • 398 women
  • All rooms air-conditioned and carpeted, and feature in-room wireless Internet access
  • New loftable furniture
  • Specialty restaurant: Oodles (pasta specialities Friday lunch)
  • A La Carte: Busey Beanery
  • Special Living Options: Non-Visitation Community—four rooms in Evans (not the entire hall) for women

Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls (LAR) 

  • East side of campus in Urbana, near McKinley Health Center, Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE), and Illini Grove recreational area
  • 490 women in Leonard and Shelden Halls (two floors are coed, separated by wing; the rest are all women)
  • Classic lounge features grand piano
  • In-room wireless Internet
  • Specialty Restaurant: Field of Greens (vegetarian lunches Monday-Friday), Leafy! (vegetarian dinner on Wednesdays) 
  • Special Living Options: Sustainability LLC; Scholars Community (two floors). This coed community houses residents interested in pursuing research projects and participating in academically focused programming. There is no extra cost.
Florida Avenue Residence Halls

Florida Avenue
Residence Halls

Florida Avenue Residence Halls (Oglesby, Trelease)

  • Southeast side of campus in Urbana, part of the Urbana South neighborhood, near the Illini Grove and recreation fields, tennis center
  • 636 and 629 men and women (coed layered)
  • All rooms air-conditioned (especially recommended for students with respiratory conditions), with new loftable furniture
  • Specialty Restaurants: Soul Ingredient (soul food and DJ music at Thursday dinner); Cracked Egg Cafe (breakfast for dinner on Tuesdays)
  • Special Living Options: Health Professions—Oglesby (two floors); WIMSE (Women in Math, Science, and Engineering)—Trelease (three floors)
Lundgren Hall. Copyright Larry Kanfer.

Ikenberry Commons North 
Residence Halls

Ikenberry Commons North Residence Halls (Barton, Hopkins, Lundgren, Nugent, Weston)

  • West side of campus in Champaign, part of the Ikenberry Commons neighborhood, near the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)
  • Barton (138 women), Hopkins (air-conditioned; 468 coed split), Lundgren (137 men), Nugent (air-conditioned; 410 coed), Weston (air-conditioned; 468 coed split) 
  • Library, TV rooms, game room, exercise room, lounges, and music practice room. The new Student Dining and Residential Programs Building, featuring the Ikenberry Dining Hall, serves this area.
  • All Ikenberry North halls have in-room wireless access
  • Nugent Hall is Silver and Gold LEED Certified for environmental sustainability
  • Special Living Options: LEADS (Hopkins); Weston Exploration (Weston); Transfer Cluster (Hopkins; moving to Scott Hall in fall 2015); Beckwith-supported residents (Nugent, one floor)
  • A La Cartes: 57 North and The Caffeinator (located in SDRP) 

Ikenberry Commons South Residence Halls (Bousfield, Scott, Snyder, Taft-Van Doren) 

  • West side of campus in Champaign, next to the Gregory Drive Halls. Near the Intramural-Physical Education Building (IMPE)
  • Bousfield (air-conditioned; 480 coed), Scott (470 coed split), Snyder (air-conditioned; 468 coed split), Taft (203 coed layered), Van Doen (205 coed layered)
  • Large library, computer center, music practice room, game room, and TV rooms. There are recreational playing fields on three sides of the Champaign residence halls.
  • The new Ikenberry Dining Hall serves this neighborhood
  • All Ikenberry South Halls have in-room wireless access
  • Special Living Option: Substance-Free (Snyder); Transfer Cluster moving to Scott Hall in fall 2015
  • A La Cartes: 57 North and The Caffeinator (located in SDRP) 
Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls

Pennsylvania Ave.
Residence Halls

Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (Babcock, Blaisdell, Carr, Saunders)

  • In Urbana, southeast side of campus next to Florida Avenue Halls.
  • 261 residents each, coed layered
  • Library, computer center, game room, lounges, and TV room. Across from the Illini Grove picnic and recreation areas.
  • All rooms are doubles with new loftable furniture and in-room wireless access 
  • PAR's dining hall is completely renovated
  • Special Living Options: Global Crossroads Living-Learning Community (Saunders) and Intersections Living-Learning Community (Babcock)

Illinois Street Residence Halls (Townsend, Wardall)

  • In Urbana, northeast side of campus.
  • Townsend (639 coed split), Wardall (561 coed layered)
  • All rooms air-conditioned, with new loftable furniture. Library, computer center, weight room, lounges, and dining hall. Due to reassignment by continuing residents, space for new students is limited.
  • Special Living Option: Innovation LLC (Townsend)
  • Specialty Restaurants: La Cocina Mexicana (Mexican specialties on Fridays); Taste of Asia (Asian cuisine on Wednesdays for dinner)

We're Building for You: Ikenberry Commons Construction

Our Ikenberry Commons area is currently undergoing construction to bring more amenities and services to students. You can learn more about the projects here. Residents of Ikenberry Commons will encounter some construction-related fencing and noise during work hours. We try our best to keep distractions to a minimum.

Additional Residence Hall Options for Graduate Students and Upper-Division Undergraduate Students

Sherman Hall. Copyright Larry Kanfer.

Sherman Hall

Sherman Hall

Videos: Hall Tour | The Resident Perspective

  • In Champaign, on west side of campus near the Quad
  • 455 residents, coed
  • Single and double rooms, with semi-private bathrooms
  • Air-conditioned
  • In-room wireless Internet

Daniels Hall

Videos: Hall Tour | The Resident Perspective

  • In Urbana, on northeast side of campus near the Illini Union and Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
  • 259 residents, coed
  • 12-month housing is available in Daniels Hall. You can choose a May to May contract or an August to August contract.
  • Single and double rooms, with private and semi-private bathrooms
  • Air-conditioned
  • In-room wireless internet

Students can also choose to live in a Private Certified Housing facility.

Dining Halls and Meal Plans

Meal plans are required for all students who live our undergraduate residence halls. Although not required for graduate upper-division hall residents, many do opt to purchase a meal plan for the value and convenience. You will choose a plan when you complete your online contract.

Dining and Meal Plan Information

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