Meet the Residential Life Staff

2017-2018 Res Life Staff

Tricia Wolfe Anton
Associate Director of University Housing for Residential Life

Assistant Directors

Melissa McDonald
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Hall Supervision & Staffing (Urbana Halls)

Tracy Cunningham
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Training and Development (Champaign Halls)

Krystal Grace
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Student Dining & Residential Programs (SDRP) and Conferences & Special Events

Kimberly Otchere
Assistant Director for Residential Life — Social Justice & Leadership Education

Nathan Sanden
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Academic Programs

Bob Wilczynski
Assistant Director for Residential Life - Community Standards & Life Safety/ Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Residential Life Office Support Staff (Clark 300)

Makaila Shackelford
Office Manager

Theresa Somers
Account Tech

Office Support Specialist

Social Justice and Leadership Education Team (supervised by Kim Otchere)

Cristian Biviano
Program Director - Social Justice & Leadership Education

Jennifer Heaton
Program Director - Social Justice & Leadership Education

Community Standards Team (Supervised by Bob Wilczynski)

Kim Soumar
Program Director - Community Standards and Safety Programs

Academic and Learning Programs Team (supervised by Nathan Sanden)

Residential Hall Librarian

Laura Poulosky
Senior Library Specialist

Crystal Clark
Office Support Specialist

Laura Haber
Program Director - Unit One Living-Learning Community (Allen Hall)
Urbana North

Brad Hudson
Academic Director - Unit One Living-Learning Community (Allen Hall)
Urbana North

Lydia Khuri
Program Director - Intersections, Global Crossroads, Health Professions, WIMSE Living-Learning Communities
Urbana South

Jennifer Bechtel
Program Director - Sustainability and Innovation Living-Learning Communities

Brian Moffitt
Program Director - Honors Living-Learning Community

Paul Wojdacz
Program Director - Weston Exploration and LEADS Living-Learning Communities

Gail Pring
Office Support Associate - Weston Exploration, LEADS, Innovation, Sustainability and Honors Living-Learning Communities

Conferences and Special Events/SDRP Team (supervised by Krystal Grace)

Dana DeCair
Program Coordinator - Conferences & Special Events

Kari Mattfolk
Business/Administrative Associate and Building Manager - Student Dining & Residential Programs (SDRP)

Undergraduate Residence Halls - Urbana North Team (supervised by Melissa McDonald)

Sam Holden
Area Coordinator - Urbana North Residence Halls

Marissa Becker
Residence Hall Director - Busey Evans
Urbana North

Brandon Evilla
Residence Hall Director - Allen Hall
Urbana North

Jessica Funk
Residence Hall Director - Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls (LAR)
Urbana North

Justin Toliver
Residence Hall Director - Townsend Hall (Illinois Street - ISR)
Urbana North

Cedric Wilson
Residence Hall Director - Wardall Hall (Illinois Street - ISR)
Urbana North

Meg Hamilton
Chief Clerk (Area Secretary) - Allen Hall
Urbana North

Kathy Mock Shepherd
Chief Clerk (Area Secretary) - Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR)
Urbana North

Amie Pankau
Chief Clerk (Area Secretary) - Lincoln Avenue Halls (LAR) and Busey-Evans
Urbana North

Undergraduate Residence Halls - Urbana South Team (supervised by Melissa McDonald)

Shiori Silver
Area Coordinator - Urbana South Residence Halls

Jason Simon
Residence Hall Director - Oglesby Hall (Florida Avenue - FAR)
Urbana South

Jeffrey Cox
Residence Hall Director - Blaisdell-Saunders (Pennsylvania Avenue - PAR)
Urbana South

Norma Garcia Tellez
Residence Hall Director - Babcock-Carr (Pennsylvania Avenue - PAR)
Urbana South

Sheldon Woods
Residence Hall Director - Trelease Hall (Florida Avenue - FAR)
Urbana South

Deena Costley
Chief Clerk (Area Secretary) - Florida Avenue Residence Halls (FAR)
Urbana South

Erin Hobbs
Chief Clerk (Area Secretary) - Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (PAR)
Urbana South

Undergraduate Residence Halls - Ikenberry North Team (supervised by Tracy Cunningham)

Demetrius Gary
Area Coordinator - Ikenberry Commons North Residence Halls (Nugent, Hopkins, Barton-Lundgren, Wassaja and Weston)

Nancy Huang
Residence Hall Director - Hopkins Hall
Ikenberry North

Laura McCulley
Residence Hall Director - Wassaja Hall
Ikenberry North

Chris Murphy
Residence Hall Director - Weston Hall
Ikenberry North

Nathan Runnells
Residence Hall Director - Nugent Hall
Ikenberry North

Nolan Theodore
Residence Hall Director - Barton-Lundgren Halls
Ikenberry North

Tenea Harris
Chief Clerk (Area Secretary) - Ikenberry North Residence Halls
Ikenberry North

Undergraduate Residence Halls - Ikenberry South Team (supervised by Tracy Cunningham)

Dave Arnold
Area Coordinator — Ikenberry Commons South Residence Halls

Nick Fink
Residence Hall Director - Scott Hall
Ikenberry South

Aaricka Hellberg
Residence Hall Director - Taft-Van Doren Halls
Ikenberry South

Nick Jones
Residence Hall Director - Snyder Hall
Ikenberry South

Marlene Smith
Residence Hall Director - Bousfield Hall
Ikenberry South

Michael Sczerba
Chief Clerk (Area Secretary) - Ikenberry South Residence Halls
Ikenberry South