Tips for Success

Tips for Success in the RA/MA Selection Process

  • Read about Illinois Residential Experience.
  • Follow us on Twitter (@UofIParaPro) and like us on Facebook (@UofIResLife) for updates and tips.
  • Read the Paraprofessional Selection Website thoroughly before working on your application online.
  • Be positively involved in your current Residence Hall or community living environment.
  • Tailor your resume to highlight your residence hall involvement (hall group involvement, leadership, programming you’ve attended, things you’ve done to assist your RA or MA in building community.)
  • Start a draft of your essay response today and work on a rewrite soon after. Have the Writers Workshop read your essay. Plan ahead. Check for grammatical errors and use spell check!
  • Ask your reference before you list them if they are willing to be a reference.
  • Be ready to submit your references’ accurate contact information immediately in the application.
  • Review your entire saved application multiple times and make sure you’ve uploaded the correct pdf essay and resume before hitting SUBMIT! You can’t redo anything once you SUBMIT.
  • Your SUBMIT button will not be ENABLED (will not be able to be clicked on) until all components of your application are uploaded, including the required online reference form. Your reference contact must submit their reference on your behalf before the deadline of October 16, 2017 at 6:59 p.m., and you must have uploaded your required essay and resume for your SUBMIT button to be ENABLED.
  • Don’t wait until October 16 to touch base with your reference about their progress on completing the reference form! Keep in touch with them.
  • Read the job descriptions for the RA and/or MA position if you are applying for them.
  • Think of questions to ask at the RA/MA Information and Panel Session you choose to attend.
  • Dress appropriately if invited to participate in the Formal Interview (business attire preferred, stay away from short skirts, extremely high heels, wrinkled shirts, or anything too revealing.) Be polished and attend to personal hygiene.
  • Go to the Career Center to learn about creating your resume and to talk with a specialist about strong interviewing skills.
  • Be yourself in the interview! Relax, be positive, don’t tell us what you think we want to hear, talk to us about your experiences in the halls and with diversity.